UPDATE: Mayor Renner had fun, fun fun

Verse added

(Guest Editorial)

You must sing this to the tune of the Beach Boys:  Fun Fun Fun

Well he took his P card and he treated all his buddies to lunch now 

He forgot all about the taxpayers ’cause he just had a hunch now

That no one would see all the charges on the card they call “P” now

And he’ll have fun, fun, fun till the Council takes his P card away.

He took his girl to Japan on a taxpayer loan with P card now.

He knew that for the Council finding out would be way too hard now.

He never thought BLN would discover this sin but she did now.

And he’ll have fun, fun, fun till the Council takes his P card away.

Well you thought lunch was free till our own ISP checks it out now

But the taxpayers may have in court their own day.  We shall see now.

Though its long overdue the Council finally got wise to you now.

And you’ve had fun, fun, fun till the council takes your P card away.


(hey – its Friday!)




  1. That’s gonna be stuck in my head all day now! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I like it! Lol, Renner is such a dufus.


  3. That was good. Paul Shanklin good. Maybe better. Lol


  4. Well the ISP will complete their investigation, WOW!!!!
    The judge will look at the numbers and go HOLY COW!!
    The sentence will get handed down now.
    And he’ll have FREE lunch for ten years now
    and he’ll learn cards and checkers and basketball for a LONG while now
    and he’ll have fun, fun ,fun with a LONG TIME out now..
    Sorry Diane! Great lyrics!!


  5. Can we get this done before Saturday night – Need a singer, a karaoke machine and a way to record it then post online and email it to everyone !!!!


  6. Mike Mucci says:

    Finding humor in corruption- what else can you do.


  7. But, how will Tarry eat???!!



    Time to take away the P card and give it to a responsible adult, which means Tari should not be qualified to have P card


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