NIOT has no moral authority!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Not In Our Town only means some people in town are not allowed to have opinions.  Any mention of ILLEGAL and immigrant together could lead to public flogging!  Laws aren’t meant to be obeyed, it all in how one “feels”.

NIOT proved who they really are the first time Tari attacked me with his ridiculous claims that I attacked his son.  NIOT didn’t even whisper that his behavior was unacceptable for everyone, let alone an elected official.

NIOT continues to keep their mouths shut as Tari calls some legal citizens of Bloomington “nuts” and lies about their behavior.

Tari Renner has lost the confidence of the citizens and any moral authority he had left to lead the city.  Not In Our Town has done the same through their silence.

The following was sent by Mike Matejka, I guess the head of NIOT.

Note:  It’s marked Not for Public Release

It’s pretty clear why:  “A targeted Community discussion”

In other words, we don’t talk to people who aren’t in lock step with what we think.

Hey Mike, if anti-immigrant violence ever erupts here a lot of people would join you.  People who think immigration should be “legal only” aren’t violent.  Do laws matter or just rhetoric?

One more hint Mike:  Unless NIOT applies to every citizen including your buddies, NIOT doesn’t have a future.  (click the below to enlarge)


17 thoughts on “NIOT has no moral authority!

  1. Pretty sad that “leftist think” rules. While they claim to want open, honest dialog, they really don’t. “Think like us or go away” which is “not so subtle” code for racist.
    No wonder it not for public release.


  2. Wonder how ole Mike would respond if a bunch of immigrants showed up at the job sites of his union “boys” and worked their jobs without a union card.
    Union “agitators” like Mother Jones, Frank Little, Louis Tikas, etc, HAD a time and place in this country, but it’s people like Mike that keep the “chili stirred” and make people hostile towards his brand of “politico-think”
    NIOT sounds like they’ll attack YOU , IF you’re not a “groupie”.. BUT attack them and you’re a bigot. Where’s Archie Bunker at?


    1. That’s for sure. Majetka is a top jerk in the world of local hypocrites. Chances are, his union buddies would slash tires etc. on illegals trying to take union jobs. Majetka is about as anti-fari for all as anyone. Right to work, what a two-faced dirtbag!.


  3. NIOT Good or Evil?

    1. Not in Our came to Bloomington in the early 1990s because of a ‘Sudden Rash of Racist Church Burnings.” However, there was no increase in church burnings let alone racial church burnings. This is according to studies and statistics of Nationally recognized Fire Department Organizations. Most of the church burnings were faulty electrical, lightening strikes or burglars trying to cover up there crime. As a result, Social Justice Warriors were effective in unfairly smearing the law abiding citizens of the Southern United States as racists to the rest of the world.

    2. NIOT partnered with Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter was founded by Marxists and increased in popularity after the lie ” Hands up don’t Shoot” was spread across the United States causing racial division and riots. Former President Obama’s own Justice Department found that it never happened at Ferguson, Missouri. Once again Social Justice Warriors were effective in smearing the United States and police as racists based on a lie.

    3. Recently a NIOT Facebook Group member discovered a single Post Office Box number linked to an older racist group called “The World Church of The Creator.” The hysteria soon followed on social media that NAZIs were everywhere in Bloomington. Although I have never met anyone in Bloomington who was a NAZI. Once again crazed Social Justice Warriors did manage to smear the community as one of which NAZIs roam the streets.

    4. NIOT in the past after terrorist attacks by hate filled radical Islamists responded with community events that seamed to ignore the criminal terrorists and instead focused on unfounded claims of Islamaphobia in our community. Once again Social Justice Warriors failed at shining at light on radical Islam but managed to create the perception of unfounded bigotry against peaceful Muslims in our community.

    5. NIOT Facebook group administrator recently shared a news story about a 8 year old youth football team taking a knee for the National Anthem. The caption attached by admin stated “And the Youth Shall Lead the Way.” This I took as an endorsement of kneeling during the national anthem. I view this as child abuse of children at such a young age. This falsely tells these kids they are victims instead of winners who can overcome.

    Last, Diane is correct. NIOT has no ‘Moral Authority.” Are they against bullying and racism or are they against the United States and western civilization?


  4. Looking at the time this release was sent it is VERY CLEAR this was NIOT’s knee jerk reaction to the New York City Muslim terrorist truck attack.


    1. And to the Presidnt’s call to reform immigration. The “terrorist” was a legal citizen. He acted alone after being “radicalized” by watching ISIS videos online. Who should the NIOT ire be directed at? The truck driver or the injured victims and their families?


  5. Diane, if you blame NIOT for not sticking their neck out for you, perhaps you should consider your own beliefs (which are documented thoroughly on this blog) as the reason:
    1. You have stated your opposition to LBGTQ people.
    2. You have stated your opposition to gay marriage
    3. You have stated your opposition to ability for transgendered people to use the bathroom the corresponds with the gender they identify with
    4. You have stated your support for blocking refugees with religious tests
    5. You have stated your opposition to immigration which includes LEGAL immigrants
    6. You accuse public schools of indoctrination when diversity is taught
    7. You stated your opposition to Black Lives Matter a
    8. Remember Aaron Halladay’s joke: “I trust a Palestinian on a motorcycle more than I trust Obama”. You tried to defend it as just a joke and therefore not offensive. Same with Kevin Lower and the Marvin Garvey society. But if it’s you that is offended, we never hear the end of it.

    All the above goes against NIOT’s platform. To endlessly mew and bray about NIOT not supporting you does nothing but show how incapable you are of assessing your own words and actions. The fact that you call out Tari’s bullying but forget you voted for Donald Trump shows how hypocritical you really are. I can at least say I voted for neither. Sounds both NIOT and you need to examine how you act.


    1. As former life-long Democrat (55 years) – someone who campaigned for JFK when I was 9 years old, a former union organizer, I can truthfully say the I am appalled and disgusted by what democratic party stands for and people on what is the left act like today. OMG! You people have lost your minds. NIOT is a joke. BLM is an embarrassment – no protests of the hundreds of black on black murders in say Chicago? NIOT is a way for upper class liberals to feel like they are doing something to help black folks. I hate to tell you but regular people are sick of political correctness, being called racists, immigrants who turn our cities into slaughter houses and people who can’t decide what sex they are.


      1. Well, Lawrence451, I would recommend you stay put. I have been, what is know as a Moderate Republican since Goldwater, who I voted for, and it appears you and I and a whole lot of other people are in a boat with a very short paddle

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      2. People have to realize that the center neo-liberal hold on power everywhere around the world is disappearing. This is happening for very good reasons. The left and the Democratic Party is now the party of corporations and the oligarchy. True progressives have been shoved out of the Democratic Party. Right wing populism is on the rise everywhere in the world. Why? Because the center political structures and their propagandized minions are running amok everywhere. BLM and Antifa… calling anyone who voted for Trump Nazis and racists? Beating up anyone who challenges their hate? As Europe is being overrun (thanks to EU’s crazy immigration policy) by Iron Age Islamic savages killing and raping innocent Europeans everywhere. Yes, regular people, the people who go to work every day and pay taxes and raise their kids right are just sick of these crazy fanatics telling us what we should or shouldn’t do. We have had enough of their craziness. I don’t know about you but I never had time to be walk around protesting this or that… I was working to provide for my family and put food on the table for my boys. And yes I raised two strong, smart and independent boys that I am very proud of.


    2. Thanks for proving the point that NIOT is all about pushing far left wing ideology and not bullying and racism. It is a shame how local far left white activist have infiltrated Black Lives Matter and use them to pursue their own personal left wing agenda instead of staying focused on the Main BLM issue.


    3. Still Sonny you did nothing to defend Diane that was on the end of the bully, lil Tari. Obviously t’s ok for lil Tari to bully females in your opinion cause he is your super hero. Dude you have no clue at all. Usual libturd muck.


    4. Sonny’s bathroom and idiotic “transgender” policy eliminates him from any serious conversation. I identify as an attack helicopter…. Sonny … I demand a proper space at CIRA or I am gonna whine at the top of my lungs…. just like you and your thuglets


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