Bloomington plays the same TIF game

By:  Diane Benjamin

Normal has not submitted TIF reports to the Comptroller as required:

Bloomington hasn’t either: Bloomington TIF Past Due

The Comptroller’s  office must not know Bloomington created another TIF in October 2016 for downtown.  They will when I notify them.

See the Council minutes here for when the TIF was created:





13 thoughts on “Bloomington plays the same TIF game

  1. Diane – The Comptroller is probably just having a hard time finding Downtown Bloomington. If only we had some overpriced, gaudy signage screened by committees, subcommittees, and our esteemed City Council. I’m sure that would do the trick…

    1. You forgot that it would also have to be approved by some consultants who are paid a few thousand for their expertise.

  2. In one of the recent financial reports produce for Bloomington City Council, the TIF fund had a negative balance. Bloomimgton has at least 3 TIF districts.

      1. 1. Empire corridor, 2. Downtown (Front & Center) and 3. North Main which was expanded to include the Creativity Center. (unless the “expansion” is a fourth TIF.)

      2. The City purchased the North Main property for $1.4M and several other properties near BCPA/Creativity Center for $900K+ totaling approximately $2.2M—almost the amount of the budget gap. These properties were purchases shortly after the 1% sales tax increase which was supposed to eliminate the $7M structural deficit for FY2017. The structural deficit is a result of rising labor costs??

      3. Are those the same arrogant jackasses…I mean ‘people’, who cant help but stuff their faces with food and whatever (lulz) at Swingers (lulz again) with their friend while being investigated for P-Card abuse by the Illinois State Police…after asking for said tax increase?

        What? It’s the truth, innit?

  3. Renner know the TRUTH? You have a better chance of a meteorite hitting your house-oh wait, that ALREADY happened, Bloomington, 301 Howard St. June 1938.
    I guess we’re pretty much gonna pay fines and get a BUNCH more smoke and mirrors..
    DUMP THESE CLOWNS, and WHY does Hales even have ANYTHING to say? Not that he EVER did anything, but isn’t he pretty much a “lame duck” or poor excuse for one??

    1. I just want to say Hales killed it while I was at the meeting today! I think the Mayor may have been bullying him too and he does not care anymore! It’s theoretical, but good for thought.

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