Irony of the Day!

By:  Diane Benjamin

The below is what the City of Bloomington has in this year’s budget for Public Transportation:

Bloomington has more than doubled what they give Connect Transit.  Yes, that structural deficit is the Council’s fault.  Even with more of your money, CT continues to lose between $800,000 and $900,000 every month.

Tomorrow the City Council is holding a meeting at The Den at Fox Creek.  They plan to discuss “painful” budget cuts.

Unfortunately, anybody who uses Connect Transit can’t attend the meeting.  It’s not on a route.

Ironic, isn’t it?





20 thoughts on “Irony of the Day!

  1. Could we just buy people who don’t have cars.. cars? And buy other people cars and pay them to drive people who can’t drive, around? You can buy a lot of really good used cars for the kind of money that we are spending on these empty buses. 900,000 a month we could by new cars for god’s sake… we could buy them locally… the dealerships in the area would love it… it would help the economy…its a win win!


      1. Hey… it still might be cheaper… buy some limos – drive poor people around in limos… we will get national recognition – we will have poor people moving here from everywhere to ride around town in our limos. Not is our town could become Limos in our town! Think of the national attention: City save millions by scrapping buses and buying limos to haul poor people around! I might even consider taking a limo to the store once in awhile.


    1. I’m sorry Lawrence, but I think a winner-winner idea is buying about a thousand rickshaws.

      It’s fresh, innovative, and ‘out-of-the box’ (does bunny ears for effect) thinking that I came up with in 2.5 nanoseconds.

      There is a:) job creation; b:) transportation needs are met; and c:) The “Trifecta”…nifty brand new unused bike lanes will now be utilized…

      Think of the uniqueness of it all. People would come for miles to get their asses dragged around for a few bucks. We should take this idea to the council.

      Who’s with me?


  2. Meanwhile, these are the SAME genre of IDIOTS complaining about the Republican tax plan because ONE of the things it will do is do away with the $7500 tax credit for buying an electric car… Heck, they could buy a major race horse horse for the dough CT is loosing, and a horse is WAY more sustainable-what about it KOOS??
    PLUS they could fertilize the neighborhood gardens..
    WHY is it that most EVERYONE on this blog can think of better ideals then the manager/mayor/council??? And we’re not even trying..


  3. The Left–and make no mistake, Bloomington and Normal elected city governments are Hard Left–absolutely HATE the individual liberty, personal freedom, and absence of government control that private automobiles represent. Therefor, they will always, ALWAYS, support the Socialist, collectivist, smelly, individual crushing nature of “public transportation” and bankroll it, even if it destroys the taxpayer and breaks the budget. Whether Connect Transit loses $800,000 or $8,000,000 a month means nothing to them. They would “sell your children” to pay that bill, and let basic City services go to Hell in the process. That is just what Liberals do.


  4. The city needs to hold the meeting at the zoo just think how motivating the pink flamingos would be with getting the council to make great quality of life decisions.


  5. What did the flamingoes DO to deserve this kind of punishment? Just set them free..
    I believe that a koala bear moves faster then our councils at getting things DONE. Unless it’s a new spending plan or tax hike.


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