Updates: Miller Park, Normal West

By:  Diane Benjamin

About this story:  https://blnnews.com/2017/12/22/food-ban-at-miller-park/

A few people are trying to convince me that food won’t be banned at Miller Park, but I can’t get them to explain what Jay Tetzloff meant when he aid:

“Once we have a concession stand you won’t be able to bring your food in”

I’m told that when the concession stand opens food will not be allowed in the zoo.  So, if it’s not allowed in the zoo and the concession stand is open, where exactly will people not be allowed to bring in food?

Remember, wherever that is, it only applies to when the concession stand is open.  I doubt that means food can be brought in the zoo if concession stand is closed.

If it’s not the zoo, the only other place is the park.  I also don’t have an explanation of how they plan to handle food allergies.  Are they wanting people to eat the food even if it kills them?  (exaggeration on purpose)

I’ve been criticized for not asking Jay Tetzloff myself.  I learned over the almost 6 years of writing who can be trusted to not lie, invent their own truth, or just give me spin.  Jay and I have never interacted, so I don’t need to waste my time trying to get his talking points.  I’ve already got him on video.

I might feel differently if the local media ever asked my opinion when doing stories on things I’ve uncovered.  The Pantagraph of late has referred to me as a “local blogger” and a “critic”.  I realize it must kill them that I break more news than they do, but if they are going to read every story I write (they do!), they could at least use my name when something like the oaths of office is so big they can’t ignore the story.  They were present for the illegal oaths and didn’t notice, but they were more than happy to print Renner’s Obama oath re-take story like it was equivalent.

I’m merely a counter-balance to the one-sided reporting by most of the rest of the media.

Normal West football:

I’ve been talking to a number of people with intimate knowledge of Coach Hess’s “resignation”.  They’ve given me some direction and things I can pursue, I’ve told them some procedural points they didn’t realize.

This story is far from dead.  The students and parents deserve answers.   The program may find support lacking next season if bully’s are in charge of the team.  The Unit 5 School Board owes everyone involved an explanation.  Every one I’ve talked to does not believe the resignation was voluntary.

Keep giving me leads:  bl[email protected]


Have a Merry Christmas everyone!

I will be posting the same Christmas message tomorrow I’ve posted for at least 3 years.  It’s too perfect to replace.  See you tomorrow!





9 thoughts on “Updates: Miller Park, Normal West

  1. We just cancelled our dead tree news subscription. Reason We gave was it had become too expensive. While this is true I wish we had expanded to their bias, lack of investigative reporting, and BLNNews as a much better source of information.


  2. Coach Hess was an assistant coach in Leroy when my son played football. He is a stand up guy who at that time said what he meant and meant what he said. Yes he was strict and a disciplinarian. He did however care about the kids who played.


  3. You have the video and I heard him say it.

    Have a blessed Christmas Diane. God bless u and your family. Merry Christmas.

    Sent from my iPhone



  4. I appreciate you taking the time to consider and respond to my thoughts. I’m glad we could have a disagreement in a civil way. That’s challenging in an online format, but essential to democracy.

    Merry Christmas!


  5. I truly hope the Normal West story comes out. Everyone knows knows the 3 parents that caused this mess. Sad that the 1 parent couldn’t accept his kid just wasn’t as good as another kid as another player and went crazy and has tried to bring down a football program and its coaches. Somebody needs a hug apparently as his NFL dreams have been shattered. WOW!!!!


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