Who got TIF money?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Continuation from this story:  https://blnnews.com/2017/12/26/lets-talk-tifs/

Who got money to improve their properties:

215 E Douglas – E Douglas Apartments.  The owner of 215 E Douglas is listed in the County Assessor’s office as Mike Manna.

Illinois House – 201-213 W. Jefferson Ralph Turner, partner in the Darrell Hartweg Law firm

408 W Washington – Joe and Ruth Haney (RJH Living Trust)

That brings the list to Ensenbergers, the Huffs.  Remember when I reported on really low property taxes for these condos?   https://blnnews.com/2016/04/13/want-cheap-property-taxes/

Those days may be over.  See this listing for one of the condos:   https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/212-N-Center-St-UNIT-602-Bloomington-IL-61701/120199857_zpid/

Property taxes went up 142% on one year.

309 N. Main – RJV Properties Inc  Robert J. Vericella, JR.  (Red Raccoon Games is in this bldg)

507-511 and 513-515 North Main Fred Wollrab

Wonderlin Gallaries

201 E Grove – David Bentley Devyn Corp

Fred Wollrab, according to the County Assessor’s website, owns numerous properties downtown, I don’t know which ones got TIF money

The City did put some money into infrastructure

One more story next –

Spending they don’t know who received it!






7 thoughts on “Who got TIF money?

  1. Where are the Tipton’s? I have a message from one of them stating that they received some funding for their building. I don’t see it here, but I did hear Mrs. Tipton encouraging the Council to invest in BNAdvantage. They like and according to her have earned that money.

  2. Speaking of panhandling I bet the people who got TIFs are the very same people who find the homeless offensive.

    1. Yup! Oh, but they’re big government liberals. Aren’t they caring people? Perhaps, they should invite the homeless into their art galleries and stores to warm up and enjoy a cup of coffee. Haha! They care about the homeless, as long as the solution includes “somewhere else”.

      1. What can we do? Filing lawsuits is all I can think of. Next Council Meeting should be interesting…

  3. Mike Manna is a huge Tari Renner supporter! He owns a significant portion of the Downtown, including apartments, storefront (Tari’s campaign HQ in the last election), and a bar. He placed signs on his rental properties all over the city during the recent election. He’s a millionaire who lives part-time in Chicago and part-time in Bloomington. Just in case you wanted to know where your taxpayer dollars were going.

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