Another one bites the dust

By:  Diane Benjamin

Downtown Bloomington is dead.  The only people who don’t understand that were elected by the people who didn’t bother to vote last April.  The Coliseum and the Cultural District failed to revitalize downtown.  When will the Council quit throwing money away?  When you change who is on the Council!

13 thoughts on “Another one bites the dust

  1. Yea the same week they purchase State Farm Park, another rumor thats running wild.
    SF no longer wants the park or any of the things that help retain employees.


  2. Hey McLean County Board Member, “Honorable” Carlo Rubostelli, why don’t you look out the window on the side of you house and see this vacated building? Also, Alderman Karen Schmidt, can walk out to her sidewalk and see this now closed business.

    How ironic….

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    1. I’m sure they’re celebrating the opportunity to turn private property into government property. Perhaps a certain stupid county politician will tweet that the Clay Dooley move is a win-win for the community.


  3. We are going to be the little Detroit on the Prairie! Empty buildings – people gone – and lots of room for bike paths… Good job Crony Capitalists (you know who you are)!


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