Council shift-last night

By:  Diane Benjamin

Is the Bloomington City Council finally waking up?  Do they realize they have no wide-spread support for their downtown spending when the roads are still crap?

Alderman Bray pulled a revised Council schedule from the Consent Agenda in order to cancel next Monday’s Committee of the Whole session.  Renner doesn’t understand that under Roberts Rules of Order his opinions are not allowed, he is charged with leading meetings.  He can not inject himself to intimidate the Council members.

Next Monday’s meeting was already set up to hear the Downtown Task Force plans for moving the Library and building a Connect Transit transfer point.  The Library Board has already said they aren’t moving, it looks like Amelia Buragas wanted to force a discussion anyway.  Amelia was livid since cancelling the meeting meant her side was not going to be heard.  She still hasn’t figured out her catalyst project recommendations of tearing down a parking garage had very little public support.

Bray was on the Downtown Task Force, the only member that possibly represented anybody other than the downtown lovers:

Interim City Manager Steve Rasmussen clarified what happened this morning on WJBC.  By cancelling next Monday’s meeting, 5 Council members said they don’t want to discuss the Buragas plan.  The Council spent 21 minutes on this issue, at least 3 points of order were called – it was contentious.  Mayor Renner could still call a special meeting to discuss the dead issue.  At least some of the  Council appears to finally be derailing lunacy.  Since 5 members voted with Bray, it would be a waste of time for Renner and Buragas to pursue it further:

Just hit play to listen to the discussion:

12 thoughts on “Council shift-last night

  1. Two attorneys, one wanting to follow the City ordinances and the other demanding her own way. I loved the face-off. Bray is a force to be reckoned with.

  2. I wonder IF taxpayer money was used to buy that “I’m the MAYOR” shirt, and does he wear it to his classes, if so, shouldn’t I.W.U. have to buy it? OH, so many questions here?
    And is it JUST me, or with the recent cold snap, have the streets become equivalent to the Oregon trail?

  3. There hasn’t even been a joint meeting with the library board regarding this catalyst project. Amelia was the only Council member wanting to move the library at the original joint meeting. There has been no discussions between the parties involved much less feedback from the citizens. The Pantagraph reports as if the decision has been made. The members of the Task Force are used to getting their way. Boi Hoo.

    1. Exactly. There hasn’t been a joint meeting. And the one that was scheduled was just pulled from the schedule. I don’t get it. What’s the harm in talking?

      1. Yhe conversation needs to happen between the library and the Council without Connect Transit involved. There was a joint meeting between the Council and the Library Board last Summer. There was overwhelming support from all parties to expand at the current location. Amelia was the only one who wanted it moved closer to her home and the Main St corridor. Remember, her husband is on the MCRPC and works for Farnsworth, the company of choice for architectural design. The issue at Monday’s meeting had to do with Amelia making the decision to have a 3-1/2 hour meeting to present her library project without following City ordinance for scheduling Meetings of the Whole and who decides what is on the agenda. A lawyer not protecting the law…priceless!

  4. Ever notice how liberals always talk about “the need to have a conversation,” which is exactly the line Amelia is using. That’s liberal speak for “see things my way,” or their overinflated view of their power of persuasion, appealing to emotion over facts or substance. The truth is Amelia and her ilk just need to shut the hell up. But, unfortunately the conversation she wants isn’t going to die this easily. We will be hearing from her and her task farce again. Once Amelia is enlightened on Roberts Rules of Order, she’ll get her ducks in a row and this will be back on the Council agenda. In the meantime, enjoy the show.

    1. Yes “willing to have a conversation/need to have a conversation” and “open a dialogue” are other key phrases they have been taught to say – and yes they are simply preambles to them lecturing anyone who opposes them and doing whatever they want regardless.

  5. When Amelia uses the words “need to advocate” concerning the Connect Transit and the Library she just needs to say “we need to provide them the funds they ask for”. I agree with 4-H

  6. Diane just watched this video again. Amelia is like a spoiled rotten child. Makes me wonder if she represents clients the same way she represents citizens. I feel dirty just watching her. Seeing how Farnsworth would benefit (Didn’t know her husband was employed there) I just found another conflict and motion. Dirty, dirty, dirty!

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