Rennerwitz and Burtejka

By:  Diane Benjamin

I attended the Black-Sage-Schmidt Townhall meeting last night at the BCPA.  At most 30 citizens attended and many staff members.  The aldermen didn’t waste a lot of time going over what people already knew.  Most of the time was questions and answers, mostly about budget issues.

One citizen asked why a NO vote by the majority of the Aldermen doesn’t mean NO.  At Monday’s City Council meeting 5 of the 9 Aldermen said moving the library is a dead issue.  Mayor Renner decided to call a meeting anyway next Tuesday.

Tari Renner has become Judy Markowitz.  Neither care(d) about anything but their agenda.  Amelia Buragas is the new Mike Matejka.  She spent months planning the latest Coliseum abomination, and she now demands hours of wasted discussion.

They both deserve new monikers:  Tari Rennerowitz and Amelia Burtejka!

The five aldermen who voted NO need to boycott Tuesday’s meeting.

What happened to the ordinance stating the mayor had to get 5 aldermen to agree to put something on the agenda?  Wasting time is why it was proposed in the first place.  They can meet Tuesday without a quorum – nobody will care.  Let Amelia Burtejka, Scott Black, Diana Hauman, and Jamie Mathy discuss spending MILLIONS of dollars and throwing away the money ($100’s of thousands) the library has already spent on plans to expand at the current location.  Nobody will care and a HUGE wedge will be lodged between Council members.

Maybe I should print more articles proving Markowitz and Matejka flipped off the 66% of citizens who said NO to the Coliseum by referendum.  History is repeating itself now.  Governing with the consent of the governed is immaterial.  Rennerwitz and Burtekja are so much smarter than everybody else.  Just like Judy and Mike, they are going to prove it by forcing their agenda down everybody’s throats.  This time 5 aldermen are standing in their way.  They need to keep standing in the way!

This video was clipped from Angela Scott’s Facebook Live coverage from last night.  It starts with the question from a citizen, then all three aldermen respond.  Schmidt and Sage were very clear.  See if you can figure out what Black is talking about.

7 thoughts on “Rennerwitz and Burtejka

  1. This is fun to watch, Diane! The Council is turning on each other. Haha! Sadly though, the fact that local government ignores the will of the people is the very reason people are turned off and don’t vote. Those that turn out to vote believe in government as an instrument to compel a change in our society and/or get what they want. The more that the Angela’s of the world (or Bloomington) that come out, the more others will feel empowered. I think this could be the beginning of a snowball effect. People have had it with the fleecing of taxpayer money, broken promises from City Hall, higher taxes, big government, and anti-liberty philosophies among the electorate.

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  2. Schmidt: “I’m disappointed we have not had the conversation…..”
    Black: “I’m always open to hear more conversation…”

    Yes, “conversation” is clearly the liberal buzz word of our day.


  3. All I heard from Scott Black last night, was, when directly asked…he is proud of his voting record to increase revenue…

    For those of you paying attention…that’s water, utilities, and fuel. He likes crushing families budgets. Try to remember that when you vote for Tari’s best friend.


  4. I’m a bit surprised that Scott Black didn’t show up with a new shirt last night embroidered with, “City of Bloomington – Mayor’s Shadow.” Or better yet, Mayors Stooge!


    1. This made me spit my water I laughed so hard! Now I want a shirt just like Tari’s only I’ll have it say CITIZEN! I mean Tari’s shirt was too funny on Monday night. Did we need to be reminded that he was our horrible Mayor or was that a message to the Council that he is “Leader”?


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