The Cost of Bloomington’s Recycle FAILURE

By:  Diane Benjamin

I love my readers because frequently we collaborate to find information.  See this story from yesterday which included documents for the IEPA showing the City of Bloomington illegally dumped materials at Lake Bloomington:

The reader found the bids from April of 2017 for cleanup.  I found the Council Action this morning.

Of course this action was on the Consent Agenda where questions are rarely asked by the Council.

Besides taking more than two years to clean up their mess, they had to pay $143,450 to get it done.   See PDF page 76:

The only reason I posted this is because government thinks they can force everybody else to recycle while they dump wherever they feel like it.

Construction/destruction waste recycling is high on the Ecology Action Center’s Agenda.  Looks like they want compliance from the private sector not government.  That’s where their money comes from.


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  1. DO as I SAY! NOT as I do! Just go across the road from the spillway at Lake Bloomington. And that’s JUST a start!

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