More from Bills and Payroll-Bloomington

By:  Diane Benjamin

Lots of travel and professional development is included.  Browse the link above yourself.

Check out pages 83 and 84 for who got loans and grants.

Miscellaneous other spending

Tari got some free lunches:

The Bloomington Election Commission handed out pay raises, plus these expenses:


I wonder if tires and rims had to be replaced because of the roads?

Will Amelia Buragas recuse herself since her husband works here?

Media got paid:


9 thoughts on “More from Bills and Payroll-Bloomington

  1. Every time I read your blog highlighting all the areas where the city could save money I want to beat my head against the computer monitor and wonder how we can turn this sinking ship around.


  2. The City should stop advertising in the Slantagraph. If the City would get out of the entertainment business they wouldn’t need the Slantagraph for advertisement. Oh wait, entertainment is the number 1 priority of this Council. So silly.


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