Update: Beth Whisman must resign from airport

Whisman has resigned.  The Edgar County Watchdogs did a followup story – the last line is particularly good!



Original story:


7 thoughts on “Update: Beth Whisman must resign from airport

  1. She was appointed by who? Her appointment was approved by who? She is the former director of the McLean County History Museum.


  2. Wow! She has allegiances to Koos, Renner, and their respective agendas. Well, what a surprise? By the way, how can anyone hold that many executive or leadership jobs at one-time?


    1. Typical McLean County Leftie, but kind of a “dim bulb” if you have ever had personal dealings with her. Fits right in with our present “ruling class”.


  3. Diane, what are your hearing about the use of police body cams? I keep hearing that they are expensive to get and expensive and tedious to maintain. Also it seems certain groups may not be as keen as they first were because the videos can show the perps are not quite the choir boys they want us to believe. Have you heard that the BPD chief may pushing those as part of his legacy.

    Bill Cherry



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