March Library usage

By:  Diane Benjamin

Below are the library stats for March 2018:

It would be nice to compare these numbers to March of 2017, but nothing is in the City Manager’s Report.

It would have been nice to compare these numbers to March of 2016, but nothing is in the City Manager’s Report.

The only information close is from 2015:

Visitors were higher in 2018, items checked out were lower.

Unfortunately, that is about all that can be compared.

I have a question though:

Why would anybody use public Wi-Fi?

Your data isn’t safe!

There are numerous articles on the web about free Wi-Fi, here’s one:

Tips, according to this article:

Quit thinking businesses and government are providing free access because they love you!

If you thought Facebook was bad, what do you think businesses and government are doing with your data?







12 thoughts on “March Library usage

  1. What a dramatic decline in business! In the private sector, a company with these stats would pivot its business model, restructure, and/or downsize. In the world of government, however, they are “rewarded” with more (of our) money and (if some have their way) a brand new building. When will people realize that a library is an artifact of the past?!


      1. Apparently you’re afraid of the facts. The library is reinventing itself and changing it’s business model. You’re afraid to post the truth.


      2. I will play your little game one time. Who gave government permission to reinvent themselves at taxpayer expense just so they don’t close up and save taxpayers money for something as dead as blacksmiths?


      3. The Library is reinventing itself from a place of learning and information to a social gathering destination. Is that activity really government’s job?


  2. Why do they use public WIFI? Here in Florida its a great place for homeless people to congregate and have free WIFI. Just remember to take your hand sanitizer with you.


  3. Nearly 3,000 items were added. The Library Director claims the building is bursting at the seams. Why continue to add volumes if there is no space? Is there a management problem? Is the board management model the same as CT?


  4. Why block Kilkenny? I love to see Liberals try to justify their beliefs and actions. Helps us to know what kind of crazy we are dealing with.


    1. First, she isn’t close to local so she doesn’t understand issues here. Next she writes many long posts to prove how intelligent she is. Nodoby would read them. Last, I want readers who think for themselves not ones spouting talking points.


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