Congrats Chief Heffner, but . . .

By:  Diane Benjamin

It is a huge deal for Chief Heffner to be confirmed by the Senate as the next US Marshal for the Central District of Illinois.  Bloomington is losing an exceptional leader.  He was also the main force blocking the “Welcoming Ordinance”.   When he stated it would tie the hands of the local police, the majority of the Council was listening and refused to vote on it.  They should have had a vote and said NO, but some were to chicken to publicly go on the record.

Heffenr was nominated by President Trump.  Obviously somebody gave his name to the President.  We already know Dick Durbin and Tari Renner are best buds, and both of them want the “Welcoming Ordinance”.  Did they come up with a great way of removing their “problem”?

What happens next will be vital to the security of the people in Bloomington.  The leftist radicals behind the “Welcoming Ordinance” think they should have a say in who the next Police Chief is.  Here’s one example:

This one sounds more like a threat – and it’s the reason Carrillo moved to Ward 6:

I’ve been watching social media. Some people in Bloomington don’t believe the police should ever stop them for expired tags, crossing the center line, speeding, or any violation.  Maybe Carrillo can explain who is “disproportionate affected” by the criminal justice system.

Community policing should be promoting positive interactions between the police and the community.  One post I saw was from a witness to an incident where an officer tried to help some kids put a chain back on a bike.  The kids were very polite until the officer left.  Then they used vulgar speech about not wanting help from a __________.

The biggest problem locally is kids being taught to hate the police by their parents and peers.

Are these the people Carrillo thinks should have a voice picking the next police chief?

If immigration laws don’t matter, which other laws don’t matter?  Picking the wrong Chief will be like the Florida cops who knew the Parkland shooter was a threat but kept giving him more chances.  It won’t end any better for the innocent residents of Bloomington.

8 thoughts on “Congrats Chief Heffner, but . . .

  1. Jenn is dangerous for the West Side of Bloomington. Remember, she has only lived in Ward 6 for just over a month. Bad news. Really bad news! Also she lies.


  2. It would seem to me that the people who would consider themselves disproportionate affected by the criminal justice system would be those who live outside a lawful society on maybe people who break laws. If that is so, they are affected by the criminal justice system because of the choices they are making and rightly so.

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  3. Diane asks, “Are these the people Carrillo thinks should have a voice picking the next police chief?” Well, duhh, of course they are, they’re citizens. Until we have a socialist democracy, where people, not money call the shots, all citizens can do is push, push, push. But–WATCH OUT when it happens. El pueblo unido jamás será vencido. Look it up, if you have to. Nuff said. I bet this entry gets PURGED. No place for dissent, eh, Diane??


    1. If Ms. Carillo knew how municipal government worked in Bloomington, she would not have to make a comment like the one she made on FB.


  4. I wonder what qualifications Jenn would be looking for in a new chief. As a member of this community for the past 1 or 2 months, I’m sure she has a firm grasp of the community’s needs.


  5. It is a HUGE comment of how putridly Marxist BLM-NL have become that some Communist, Antifa wanna-be like Jenn could run to the LEFT–MORE radical–than Karen Schmidt, and actually get some traction.

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