Update: Proof Roads aren’t a Priority

They do have $4,290,000 listed in Book 2 as Capital improvements:  PDF page 270   http://www.cityblm.org/home/showdocument?id=18372

This money comes from the added Local Motor Fuel Tax and part of the increased Sales Tax.  The taxes you already paid weren’t good enough.


By:  Diane Benjamin

Remember this email from Jim Karch?  I asked him how much was in the 2019 budget to fix roads:


Bloomington 2019 Budget – PDF page 319  http://www.cityblm.org/home/showdocument?id=18370

Amount needed EVERY year:

Previously Karch has stated this amount will get every road to POOR condition.

How much made the  budget?

Streets are only mentioned  on PDF pages 316-319.  It appears Public Works didn’t even get what they expected – $4.01 million + $350,000.

Last year $3.8 million was budgeted.   https://blnnews.com/2018/01/15/roads-arent-a-priority-in-bloomington/

Don’t expect the roads to improve anytime soon.  Veterans Parkway and Route 9 are State roads.  Don’t credit the City for fixing them.

Jim Karch is concentrating on street preservation since money to fix the streets isn’t budgeted.

Bloomington has a Budget Manager, the Council is only asked what to cut when it doesn’t balance.  They have little input for what is funded.

Watch out for this to sneak in:


12 thoughts on “Update: Proof Roads aren’t a Priority

  1. Amelia wants to preserve the bricks in her neighborhood for the “White Place” snobs that elected her. The cost is immaterial, Diane, because money is no object to Amelia. She doesn’t mind paying higher taxes, as per a comment she made before being elected.

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    1. Amelia should pay for the brick preservation out of her own pocket if she doesn’t mind taxes. She and her husband can afford it. He gets paid from Farnsworth who provides engineering for the City’s major projects.


  2. I asked Mr. Karsh for clarification on the budget for streets because Renner and Sage claimed $10M was already allocated. INTERNAL STREET MAINTENANCE is about $3.6 million, as shown in the chart, which includes, pavement panel replacement, permanent pothole patching, temporary patching through a Durapatcher and temporary patching through use of a Falcon hot box, salaries, benefits and snow removal/salt. Fleet is paid through Capital Leasing.
    The funding levels for the upcoming year for EXTERNAL RESURFACING–through a contract with Stark or Rowe) is about $4M funded from LMFT and 0.25% Home Rule sales tax. The area that needs the additional money is for EXTERNAL RESURFACING to bring funding to the $8 million mark so have the roads can be rated at a level of “fair,” which Mr. Karch is referencing.
    Bottom line…the streets are severely underfunded. Watch for an increase in LMFT.

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      1. Capital improvements is paid from State MFT, as apposed to LMFT. That money is usually saved over a period of time to pay for major projects like the Hamilton Rd extension or the Fox Creek overpass.

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  3. Looks like that tax rebate of $1.8 million to Portillos didn’t quite work out. Sometimes I just can’t believe the stupidity of the Renner Koos regimes.


    1. What do you mean? Koos got his picture taken with the owner. It’s on the wall inside the restaurant next to all the celebrity pics. Haha!


  4. Even these figures are misleading as public works is allocating the money to all other required infrastructure including bike trails now required under the new ” complete streets plan”.

    In order to keep the same general condition of our street pavement we need to be allocating at least 8 million just to pavement repairs every year!


  5. Streets are not a priority. Jim Karch lies. October 1 the entire street division of public works will be picked up trash. It will take at least a month for the trash pickup. Then rite into leaf collection. That about two more month not fixing streets. Let’s not forget this years trash pickup that took a month. That’s a total of 4 months not fixing our streets.


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