Why no child abuse charges?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Pediatric Resource Center for Child Abuse and Neglect in Peoria examined Mikey Cadena and documented several injuries as well as extensive dental problems. He had severe bruising, blunt force trauma, a human bite mark, black eyes, anal tear, rope burns, etc. They concluded he was abused.







Even though abuse was clearly documented, nobody was ever charged.

Amber Buck was living in a house with her two kids while meth was being cooked in the house.  She was never charged with endangering her children or child abuse.  Would she have been charged if the house had blown up?  See this story:   http://bangordailynews.com/2018/08/10/news/york/maine-woman-accused-of-making-meth-causing-explosion-with-children-home/?utm_campaign=Echobox&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook#Echobox=1533922334  

From the Police Report on 3/30/2016 where the house was searched and a meth lab found:

Amber was initially charged with 5 Class X felonies including charges related to her two kids.  She plea bargained and plead guilty in January 2017 to lessor charges in exchange for testifying against her boyfriend.  She only received a sentence of 30 months probation that doesn’t expire until  May 2019, conveniently the same month her boyfriend gets out of jail.

Amber has pleaded guilty to other charges in recent years, domestic violence being one.  She has a long string of traffic violations including driving without a license.

An 8-year-old boy recently died in Indiana from eating meth:  http://dearly.com/2018/08/88197-boy-dies-meth-cereal/

State’s Attorney Jason Chambers signed an order placing both kids with DCFS.

Would Amber have been found to be a fit mother if the State’s Attorney had charged her with neglect or abuse?  Were advocates for the children ignored?  Did one of the kids have to die before they got justice?  Did the State’s Attorney’s office only care about a meth conviction while ignoring child abuse?

Understand now why Michael Cadena fled to Massachusetts?

Jason Chambers will become a judge soon.  Who the County Board picks for the next State’s Attorney matters.  It will likely be an insider instead of the most qualified person.

Contact your County Board members today!

Every district has TWO members – look them up HERE







27 thoughts on “Why no child abuse charges?

  1. I believe in the righteousness of redemption. I hope Amber continues her lifelong rehabilitation with the help of Christ and she and her son are reunited. Mikey’s mother deserves to be in his life at this point. I also believe in the rule of law. The father is in criminal contempt for spiriting the child away the east coast. Praying for everyone.


    1. If she is truly redeemed and rehabbed, she should feel contrition for her actions. Whatever deep pockets are paying for her legal battles could just as easily pay to occasionally fly her out to Mass so she could have supervised visits, leading to unsupervised visits, leading to part-time custody like other multi-state divorce situations.
      From the point of view of somebody who realized the error of their ways and that they must accept the consequences of those actions, it would be perfectly reasonable and acceptable to ‘pay ones dues’ and prove that they’ve turned over a new leaf. Instead, she/they pursue behaviors that better match that of selfish bullies who know they have the money and/or political connections to get what they want without any consideration for the child, the father, or penance for her actions.

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    2. @ Serving Him—are you familiar with the story of King Solomon and the baby? How did the real mother act?
      Jesus followed Jewish traditions and laws. He was an Old Testament guy.

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    3. Are you out of your mind? I am a faithful person, and I believe in redemption for drug addicts, but not child abusers? Would you be asking this if it was a husband abusing their wife? No! You would be telling the wife to get out. I’m sorry, but those pictures can’t be denied. That child needs to stay where he is.


    4. Um you did read the extent of the abuse right?? Idk if you saw blunt force trauma, black eyes, burns, slashes, anal tears. She allowed someone to physically, sexually, and mentally abuse her child. I don’t care how “rehabilitated” you feel she is. There is no forgiveness for this. You’re right only God can judge, and in His book to us Revelations 21:8 clearly states :
      But as for the cowardly, the faithless, the detestable, as for murderers, the sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars, their portion will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur, which is the second death.”
      And Matthew 18:6
      but whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble, it would be better for him to have a heavy millstone hung around his neck, and to be drowned in the depth of the sea
      I am not so presumptuous to believe that I know what the Holy Spirit will ultimately do, just going by His Word.


    5. You must be on drugs too like child’s mother ! Did you see what this mother done to him ! You must be abuser yourself ! Sick people ! Boy has to stay with his dad !! Watch the video where boy is so scared to go to his mum saying she will hurt me ! Are you blind


    6. Are you kidding? Rehabilitation after all that documented abuse. Anal tearing and human bite marks! This woman is not fit to have an animal in her care . Much less a child. The judge must bring getting paid. And let me tell you. Anyone who states this kid should be with his mom. Is an evil person. This is sickening. Prayer for this child. I pray he goes to a home that will love him, protect him. And he will be raised the right way. God willing.


  2. Most children go to the Pediatric Resource Center by a referral from dcfs. If they have made this referral, they would have the evidence and the ability to Indicate the mother/paramour for abuse or neglect. If the referral to PRC came elsewhere, PRC and the police who found the meth are obligated to contact dcfs. People lie. Physical evidence does not.


  3. Please continue to report on this. Mikey is Loved here in Mass. And that family really needs to be investigated. I never heard of anyone skating free from these kinds of charges. Outrageous 😡

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  4. Plea deal for what? Chambers is going to be a judge! He does show deep knowledge and committment to this case. HaHa!


  5. Our current system in McLean County literally sickens me. How anyone, anyone in their right mind can defend anything that has happened in this case or those involved (i.e. Chambers, Hill, and whoever appointed Chambers as a judge) is with out a doubt sick and corrupt. If this is somehow ok in your mind you need help. Professional Help. There is a special place in Hell for everyone who failed to protect Mikey.


  6. So sad children in this country and abroad are abused by parents /guardians and the justice system simply slaps the parent’s hands and awards the parents custody . Many of those innocent children continue to be abused or even die this disgusts and frustrates me. Where is the justice for the innocent children who suffer the abuse day in and day out and then are placed back into harms way back into the same unhealthy unsafe environment time after time. There is no excuse for child abuse or abuse period. I hope and pray there is a Judge in MA that understands the issue at hand and he/she will do right by little Mikey Cadena. If not it would be like throwing a child to a hungry wolf and her pack. ….aka Amber Buck and her delusional , ignorant family. 💙💙💙


  7. I have watched all the videos about mickeys case and what people are saying about mickeys father because of mickey mother amber buck making up lies about drug taking and miss leading mickey in my eyes all his father has done is love and think of the protection of mickey and anyone who is Useing would not have a lovely home like he has and care for mickey like he has its mickeys mother who’s been on and doing drugs and got 5 felonies as well as a mef lab in the home where her and the children lived it’s all dodge I reckon that ambers uncle that’s a judge has got something to do with poor little mickey being ripped away from his loving father and put back in the care of a abusing mother that hurts him no judge in there right mind would send a child back to someone who was found with mef lab in her home and went on the run so police couldn’t find her leaving mickey and his sister all alone


  8. Hi I have following this story about poor little Mickey being ripped away from his home and his loving father and grandmother where he was and felt safe and secure to be placed back in the arms of a abusing mother that was found with a mef lab in the home where Mickey and his older sister was livening and taken away in the first place dose not sit right with me no judge in there right mind would of allowed him to be placed back in the arms of his mother amber buck I recon that amber bucks uncle that is a well respected judge had something to do with her getting Mickey back and if that is the case which I think it is then he should be ashamed of himself to let that little boy go back to a mother that abused him I think the uncle needs looking into aswell and how was her conversation changed to 5 felonies I bet he had something to do with that aswell it’s a shame they don’t live here in the UK because if they did amber buck would have never been aloud to go anywhere near poor little Mickey and he definitely wouldn’t have been ripped from a safe secure and loving home and put back in to a dangerous place with his mother amber buck something needs to be done to save him

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