Ward 2 – Donna Boelen announcment


For immediate release:

I, Donna Boelen, am formally announcing my intent to run for Bloomington City Council representing Ward 2.

I have been a resident of Bloomington for 26 years.  My children attended District 87 schools.  My son graduated from ISU.  As a result, I have an emotional attachment to this City.

I have served as a volunteer with numerous local organizations, including, my Church, as PTO Treasurer, as Girl Scout Leader, Friends of the Bloomington Public Library and for 15 years at a local Food Pantry.

In the process of resolving an issue in my Ward 2 neighborhood 5 years ago, I began interacting with City Staff.  Since that time I have acquired a working knowledge from the Finance Department, the Public Works Department and the Administrative Staff about how the City of Bloomington functions.

During the 5-year time frame, I have regularly attended City Council meetings and have often spoken during public comment—mainly regarding stewardship of taxpayer dollars, fiscal responsibility and the detrimental effect to the economy of raising taxes, especially regressive taxes.

As one who is passionate about good stewardship of taxpayer dollars, my focus, if elected to City Council, will be on one of the seldom-mentioned Top Five Priorities of Council, Financial Management.

I believe it is vital for elected officials to lead and serve by listening and responding to the needs of the City residents.

From the personal history afore-mentioned, it is my belief that I fit the necessary qualifications to be an excellent candidate to represent Ward 2.

Donna Boelen









11 thoughts on “Ward 2 – Donna Boelen announcment

  1. Donna would be an excellent choice for ward 2! I hate to see Sage retire from his spot on the council, but it is such a relief
    To know that Donna is running! She knows the issues, she knows the math…. a perfect candidate for this position!!!!
    Thrilled to hear this news!!!

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  2. What a breath of fresh air! Go get ’em, Donna! Fiscal management is going to be a huge issue this coming election cycle. People have had it and Tari and his cronies know they’re losing on message. With due respect to the qualified and articulate, Ms. Boelen, this election cycle is more about a check against the absolute power of Tari than anything else.

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  3. I agree with all here. Donna is informed and communicates in a humble, effective fashion. She could be a role model to those that choose instead to bluster and bully their positions.

    Bloomington does not need more histrionics. Donna expresses concern without an over-abundance of cheaply-felt, self-aggrandizing ‘passion.’

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