More on Parks and Rec Budgets

By:  Diane Benjamin

Below are the ADMIN salaries for Parks & Rec – the pencil pushers:  (pensions and benefits not included)  Parks, Recreation & Cultural Arts Administration

What does the Zoo cost?

Miller Park Zoo Budget

Yes, citizens of Bloomington are paying almost $600,000 for the Zoo. It’s very cool, but obviously not run as a business trying to at least break even!

Quality of Life!

What does Pepsi Ice Center Cost?

Pepsi Ice Center Budget

It not sponsored by Pepsi or anybody else because the naming rights haven’t been sold.

The Ice enter does make money – paying for the building is NOT included in the budget however:

Pepsi Ice Center Budget

That is a projected profit!

That profit includes renting ice from VenuWorks at the Coliseum:

When VenuWorks reports how much they lost, remember it would be at least $100,000 more if the Ice Center wasn’t paying them $280 per hour to rent ice when they need it.

Of course there is more Parks and Rec!










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