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By:  Diane Benjamin

Bill and Payroll for 10-18-2018  http://www.cityblm.org/Home/ShowDocument?id=20190

Since the auditing bill is being approved, the financial statements are done.  Of course, they aren’t being released yet.


Coliseum continues to bleed taxpayers:

More PCard fraud-should be easy to see where it happened:


ICMA (City Manager) $866.04 +685.00 and $777.61 last month = total $2,328.65

Illinois Municipal League (more than usual went) $3,837.46 + $785.00 last month = $4,622.46

Legal fees for ONE month:


McLean County Regional Planning Commission (where bike lanes and Master Plans started)

Who pays for Long Distance anymore?  The Library:


19 thoughts on “Everybody travels – Bloomington

  1. 1.) There should not be “working lunches” on the taxpayers’ dime. 2.) Should we be tipping on Uber rides? That is an interesting question. What percentage tip is acceptable for an Uber/Lyft/cab? Also, if Uber is so much cheaper, why is the city manager not using that at half the cost of his $55 taxi? 3.) I guess the upside on outside legal is we do not have someone making $150,000+ per year as an attorney to where we are paying pension, pension spiking, continued 3% COL increases, lavish Cadillac benefits, lavish retirement benefits, etc. However, if we’re shipping $600k-$700k to Springfield, would it be worth it to still hire someone even with the lavish salary/benefits/retirement?

    1. Yes, you should be tipping. Uber redrew its formula some time ago so that drivers are more reliant on the tipping for their share of compensation. The company took a higher percentage of the ride fee itself and added tipping to help make up the difference for drivers. The rider is presented with three tip options based on % and a blank field if a custom tip amount is desired.

  2. And as usual, one is left wondering why His Majesty Renner’s hotel bill is more than $100 more than anybody else’s, and in one case twice as much as the lowest one.

  3. Why are Gleason and Renner taking cabs and Uber and not using public transportation? Aren’t they champions of Connect Transit and government centrally-planned transportation? Oh, they didn’t take public transportation because it’s inefficient, unreliable, and runs on a government schedule, not the schedule of the end consumer. Hmm…interesting.

      1. Haha…he wouldn’t last a second walking or biking. Going from the airport to Downtown brings you through the worst neighborhoods in the city, some of the worst in the country. It’s scary! Of course, Renner must love it with the all the people being served by government programs. If you wanna see big government in action, Baltimore is for you.

    1. The hotel is located South of Van Buren Street. Not ritzy like North Michigan Ave. Riding a Chicago city bus with “those people” would be unacceptable. Crossing streets that don’t have bump-outs is too dangerous.

  4. If MCRPC is producing a new plan, does that mean the current comprehensive plan will become invalid? The current plan is outdated and poorly implemented.

  5. $307 a NIGHT for a HILTON room?? And we thought Paris was a “bimbo”? Do ANY of these members of the brain trust illuminati have a REWARDS cards where they get a free room, travel, OUR MONEY back, etc? And WHY don’t they stay at a cheaper place??

      1. I’ve never worked for a private business and had a conference require you to use the hotel serving as the conference location. Sometimes they don’t even have enough rooms. Renner and Gleason do not care about taxpayer dollars when it comes to their own spending or what they dole out to their own cronies.

      2. I hope you are being sarcastic…most professional conferences I have gone to do not require you to stay in hosting hotel. Quite often they offer information concerning other hotel and cost options. Tari’s higher cost is no doubt due to room view offered, this was case in a previous trip by this bleep. Also it is tough to follow the hotel costs but with Tari’s costing $100 more let us not forget
        the faact he appeared to take the train, while it appears at least one other was in a vehicle (reflected by toll costs). If true that person had somewhere between 40 to 60 dollars added to the daily room cost due to parking. This makes ‘taxin Tari’s room up to $160.00 more. All so he can kiss a little…..at our expense.

  6. N Kohler needs to have their P card shredded. Six 02 is a womens fashion site and of course Lowe’s we all know. Must be nice to have a credit card that you dont have to worry about paying for items. Yes I know the charges were credited but the person monitoring the p card gets paid by taxpayers to do that . Easy solution is to take away the p card until the people holding them grow up and learn to use them properly.

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