Bloomington Assaults Business tonight!

By:  Diane Benjamin

The Bloomington City Council will approve the “business license” at tonight’s meeting:




The City claims the $50 is a one-time fee.  It won’t be.  Businesses are required to re-register every year.  That means next year the City Manager will want “cost-recovery” again.  Gleason will suddenly realize staff needs to be compensated for updating the registrations.

Expect the fee to be yearly and double within a few years.

The Democrats running Bloomington believe businesses are evil and don’t pay their “fair share”.  Of course, most of them have never run a business.  Piles of cash are not mounting in a back room.

Expect the decline locally to continue and unemployment to increase.  Assaulting business is an assault on employment.

Other increases:

Sign Contractor’s have doubled!




Call for an ambulance?  Paying more there too:

One more item on the agenda:

More than $1 million will be spent to get what?

The zoo doesn’t come close to breaking even.  See this story:

Where is the money coming from?

The bottom line is:

Services the City wants to provide don’t need to break even:  Zoo, BCPA, Coliseum.

Services they don’t want to subsidize get fee increases until they do break even:  water, sewer, garbage, ambulance etc

15 thoughts on “Bloomington Assaults Business tonight!

    1. We were told when are Decatur boy came here that it would be tax Upon tax! And he’s just getting Started. Perhaps he too would like to go to Joliet! I don’t know how we’ve survived without business is registering before that’s crazy

      1. In fairness, the business registration fee was approvesd during the FY19 budget process before Gleason was even interviewed.
        I do agree, though, he reminds me of Hales. I am very worried.

  1. If at all possible, in an auto accident; refuse treatment from ambulance, go to hospital yourself,. How come the city manager of this little town makes more than the governors of all 50 states (base salary)? Because we are fools.

  2. Just ANOTHER example of the stupidity that runs these cities. And it WILL continue if they STAY in office.

  3. I read the article on the Miller Park building. Look at the numbers people. EVERY bit of that cost is TAXPAYER DOLLARS.


    need I say more?

  4. Bloomington needs more businesses and fast to make up for State Farm moving out higher paying and/or tech jobs. Their answer is not to encourage or champion business and entrepreneurship, but rather to punish those that are part of the solution. It’s incredibly sad to know that Tari Renner and the City Council view businesses as just another cash cow to grow the size and reach of government. I wonder if Tari will be granting exemptions to incentivize downtown businesses or those he deems as the “right fit”. Anyone hear from the Chamber of Crony Commerce or the Economic Detoritation Council (EDC)? Have they stood up to Renner and his attack on business or just rolled over as usual?

    1. Our mayor wants to hose down the downtown with tax dollars as the entire city goes up in flames. In case everyone hasn’t already realized it… academics are really good at being ivory tower academics and nothing else. The people we have leading both cities are the worst possible group you could put together right now. I am not in any way optimistic about the future of this area. Only by hitting the bottom will things begin to change here… and the bottom is not going to be pretty or a place I want to continue to live in.

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