Green Top still failing, still raising money

By:  Diane Benjamin

I really hope the people who keep throwing money in have requested to see certified financial statements!  Trust but verify!  

From an email yesterday:

22 thoughts on “Green Top still failing, still raising money

  1. This is a sad situation. Begging for money… Where are the elites who thought this was a good idea? Where is Tari? Who is going to save their solution to the food desert? Where are the rich people who can afford to shop there?

  2. How will a public “fundraiser” convince lenders that Green Top has a bright future — compared to enough customers buying enough product to show that they can remain profitable? Because they have “Green” in their name? Just asking.

  3. If they remove all the high end food that normal working people can’t afford and replace it with food that can feed a family, they might have a chance to be successful. But then it might make a really cool local bar?

  4. “A fool and his money are soon parted.” Are they going to pan-handle for funds every year? Because that’s where this is going. Cut your losses folks.

  5. Lol, hey lenders we begged and got $200K, maybe get $300K then we’ll only owe you a $100K.
    Fine, that’ll buy you some time then we’re sending in Guido to visit you. Pay up or pay.

  6. Perhaps the city could bail them out? Just transfer money from other useless programs, facilities, and consultants? Bloomington Green Top has a nice ring to it. A few upgrades like adding a restaurant area with a good chef for all those city lunches, dinners, parties, retirements and celebrations. Of course the staff would HAVE to be city employees. It’s a win win!

  7. How about a little Truth-in-Advertising? “We’ve rolled right past $200,000!!” (really = $200,001).

    Still have a C note (payable to blnnews) on Black Friday (day after Thanksgiving 2018) in the GTG dead pool.*

    *(for entertainment purposes only)

  8. If this were a horse race the horse’s name would be tax’in Tari and the silks would be green. The horse would run in last place wire to wire.

  9. This reeks of: “We can’t pay what we owe the bank, so help keep us afloat for the time being until we ask for more money in the future.” Banks will lend you money as long as they know they have secured collateral.

  10. Sad to see a so called conservative constantly praising the struggles of a small business. But then again,…those are the one’s that know nothing about running a business and applaud the loudest when they leave the State.

    1. @BobbyBrown – Oh Bobby, you’re clearly just spinning and twisting the discussion of the observation of government failures in awarding subsidies to friends. Neither the editor or most posters here applaud businesses leaving the state rather than noting the mass exodus. Intelligent discussion is welcome if you can muster it.

  11. Switch two letters in the sign from Green TOP to Green POT.
    Big money to be made.
    Please don’t ride your bicycle home.

  12. So, let me get this straight… Green Top need to raise enough money from its members in order to convince a bank to lend it more money in order to go deeper into debt in the hopes of one day turning a profit. Wow! You can’t make this stuff up! Wonder which banker in the Chamber cabal is being strongarmed into lending the money. Great suggestion about asking for certified financials, Diane. If Hauman and Painter (known members of Green Top) ask for the financials that makes them hypocrites!!!

  13. Why do you and the people commenting about this care? Why is this an issue? Did anyone root for or a lament the closing of Cub Foods or Fresh Market? I don’t get it. If people want to loan the coop money to support a grocery store specializing in local foods, then so what? It’s their money… Really I don’t get the vitriol on this one. At all. Maybe you should go back to hating libraries, bike lanes, downtown Bloomington, Rivian, and buses. And maybe we should all root for Green Top and all small businesses in this community to succeed!

      1. Plain and simple. Green Top Grocery is an affront to the countless businesses that bootstrap and make it through their own hard work, money, and determination. The government gave Green Top special treatment in the form of tax incentives that are necessarily taken from productive taxpayers. That is the issue! Look at the list of items you suggest we’re “hating” – libraries, bike lanes, downtown Bloomington, Rivian, and buses – the city throws millions of taxpayer dollars at these with nothing to show for it. Or in the case of Downtown, it gets worse the more money that’s thrown in. Anyway, point is, the common anger here is that Bloomington and Normal throw millions of dollars at politically preferred or “right fit” ideas/ventures/expenses while suspending all logical thinking and diverting money away from nuts-and-bolts spending (e.g. roads, infrastructure).

  14. I love the condescending attitude here. I know they received an abatement; incentives are nothing new. If you don’t like it, vote the Aldermen out of office who approved it. But don’t hate the business for working within the system. That’s just plain silly. If there’s taxpayer money — YOUR MONEY — you’d think you’d want to see it succeed even more. Additionally — that land was generating NOTHING already. So… as it becomes more successful, it will end up benefiting the city. I covet nothing but cooperation and a can do attitude to grow Bloomington-Normal. I’m praying for its continued success. This is my home.

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