Stan Nord running for Normal Town Council

Press Release

November 18, 2018

Stan Nord to run for Normal Town Council

 Stan Nord is pleased to announce his candidacy for Normal Town Council in the consolidated election on April 2nd, 2019.  He has prepared the necessary filings and is excited to start the campaign process. He looks forward to presenting his views on how he can help Normal expand upon what they are doing well, and improve where they are lacking.  Stan hopes to draw on his education, life experiences, and insight to craft a better community and be a voice of representation for all residents of Normal.

Stan is a long-term resident and a product of Trinity Lutheran Church and School, Unit 5, and Illinois Wesleyan University. He has very deep roots in this community which go back for generations. Being raised on a local farm and within the medical community, Stan has a strong work ethic and a desire to help others. Dealing with economic development in other communities around Central Illinois, he sees, firsthand, the tremendous competition Normal has in attracting businesses. Stan wants to make Normal the premier place for businesses locating into Central Illinois.

Stan sees many additional issues facing the town, including;

  • Spending huge economic incentive dollars on projects where there is little to no net economic gain for the community
  • Rising taxes
  • Deteriorating roads
  • Lack of citizen representation

Please refer to for details on his position and bio.

Photo credit. Bree Nord

If you have any questions or want to speak with Stan directly, please call him at 309-242-2495.

*** With your VOTE, we can LOWER TAXES and do more…***

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Thank you,

Stan Nord

Candidate for Normal Town Council

309.242.2495 phone

[email protected]


7 thoughts on “Stan Nord running for Normal Town Council

  1. Yay! Somebody actually worth voting for! I’m still hoping I can make the ballot, since we need three decent candidates, but even one is an improvement!


      1. Spot on Diane and this is something that conservatives are going to have to understand and follow if we’re going to get Stan elected. I’m hopeful two others will step forward, but if they don’t Stan is screwed if people vote for two others who aren’t worth voting for.

        It’s this way be design. Koos knows this and it’s why Normal gets by doing the crazy things they do with seemingly no accountability to the voters. Fixing this, changing this needs to be a campaign issue.

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  2. Wow! This is great news! I’m sure Koos is pissed. It’s “his” Council after all. How dare someone have a different idea or not toe the line! Good luck, Stan! Don’t let the establishment cronies get to you. Stand up and confront the issues head-on without playing soft peddling. The people of Normal have had it with the status quo!

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  3. I agree on abolishing at-large elections. Normal has gotten too big for that – it makes getting on the ballot harder than in much bigger Bloomington, and if one can simply mobilize one large voting block (cough students cough), most other votes are irrelevant. Hardly the epitome of equitable representation.


  4. Stan Nord was the person who called out Mark Peterson for “changing the rules of the game” on redeveloping property he owns. I hear Peterson was not happy. I hope it left Peterson with a sour taste in his mouth, but I am sure his massive pension will allow him to wash it away.


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