Good news for Thanksgiving

We live in a great country where everyday acts of kindness largely go unreported.  I hope these stories prove Americans are still the most generous and caring people on earth.

Good Samaritan returns wallet left on Frontier flight, adds money to it just because

Soldier Says A Stranger’s Christmas Card Got Him Through Vietnam. He Just Met The Sender

Volleyball Team Loses Everything In Fire But Still Shows Up To Match. The Opposing Team Has New Uniforms Waiting

Finally, read the history of Thanksgiving.  Before progressives decided God shouldn’t be discussed publicly, our ancestors knew why we live in a blessed country.  Abraham Lincoln set aside the last Thursday in November, but he wasn’t the first president to declare a day of thanks to the Almighty:


Have a blessed Thanksgiving

4 thoughts on “Good news for Thanksgiving

  1. As I have reached my upper years, I refuse to say I’m old, I enjoy reading all the good news and remember just how wonderful we can be to our unknown friends. A great Thanksgiving to all.

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  2. That’s awesome Diane! Nice post for Thanksgiving. As one of your readers I am thankful for all you do on our behalf. Keep up the good work. What you do really does matter

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