UPDATE: Candidates so far

One more filed for Ward 8

By:  Diane Benjamin

Today is the last day to file for the April election.  So far these candidates have filed for Bloomington City Council:    http://www.becvote.org/wordpress/electiondatesandoffices/petitions-filed/


BEC appears to only have City Council candidates posted.  School Boards, township, etc are not posted.

McLean County has a new website, I don’t see anything posted yet about candidates who have filed for office.

They do have County Committee meetings posted on the main page, that’s good since this is where all the work is done.

They do still have the same illegal public comment policy however:    https://www.ecode360.com/13413638#13413638

See section G.



7 thoughts on “UPDATE: Candidates so far

  1. Gee. I guess I can throw the CONSTITUTION away, since when I went to school, we learned about “FREEDOM OF SPEECH” Seems the board knows better, and looks like Johnee is uncontested. I SURE miss Lupe running!!


  2. A candidate just submitted their petition for Ward 4. It is NOT Amelia. Renner, Boyd, Gorman and Crabill collected signatures for her.


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