The rats are leaving the ship!

Guest Editorial

Council races are finally shaping up so we see who the players are.  Who is up for more games and grandstanding and who is finally fed up?
All we know for sure is that Haumann and Sage are out of there, and the reasons for that are obvious to any Council watchers (yes, all 39 of you) and immaterial to the rest of the tax payers footing the bill for their Circus Maximus, like that of the decaying Roman Empire.
Hauman came in like Lady Bountiful after being fortunately appointed by Renner upon Fazzini’s quick exit.  She was going to just use her fancy consulting skills to bring Council rabble to see the error of their partisan ways and just all get along like adults, for heaven’s sake!  Her recent exit speech, if I heard her right, was simply that after all attempts to bring the Aldermen to their senses, it “aint happenin!” No Diana it isn’t.  You don’t have a clue about the real dysfunction at City Hall. Bye bye.
Sage does have a clue and is actually one of the brighter people to hold the office (not saying much), but sadly, he has compromised nearly every scintilla of the conservative principles he first ran on, and there is now nothing left.  He forgot he ran against and handily beat Mike Matejka, the union leader who is slightly to the Left of Cesar Chavez, politically.  People didn’t want a union shill, tax, tax, tax, and build the Coliseum, communist leaning alderman, so they voted him out.  What they got in Sage was a guy who began by championing the hard-working west siders, and ended by partnering with Schmidt, of the same mold as Matejka.   He voted for every insanely exploding budget and to protect our ineffective, high rolling late City Mgr. David Hales.  Sage and Hales were blood brothers.  Hales made it to the real world, Joliet, and was promptly fired for doing the same stuff he pulled here.
To anyone watching, its stunningly obvious that Mayor Renner has so badly damaged the City, it’s image, and trust of those stuck here, that they will only be left to do damage control, and could easily be victims themselves. But hey, its tragic comedy for us to watch (all 27 of us) who are left.
Maybe “Rats” part 2 to come!

9 thoughts on “The rats are leaving the ship!

  1. Not making excuses for Sage, but it seems to me, like many, he was probably told privately to fall in line or else he’d be publicly shamed or attacked, and would be left in the dark about Council business like Judy Stearns. Go along to get along. The reason sane, rational people don’t run is that the lefty establishment, crony local machine immediately attacks anyone that dares to question the status quo. Rational people make rational choices. Such a person asks themselves “Do I really want to put myself and my family through all this?” It’s sad. We end up with nut jobs that believe government is a tool to change society in their image. Exhibit A is Tari Renner.

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    1. Sage started changing over to the libturd side when Hales showed up. Somewhere along that line he lost his focus and gave in. Too many times I’d watch Sage bring up a valid question, ask for clarity, not get it and cave in with nary a whimper. Although as of late he’s rekindled some objective values found a bit of the spine that he once had, I’m glad to see him go.


  2. People don’t run for local office because they are uninformed and unengaged. The establishment thrives on that reality. People who are engaged, with solid convictions, are not intimidated. Non-radical “unknowns” have stepped forward–a breath of fresh air. Rally around them. Give them emotional and physical support. Defeatist attitudes are not helpful.


    1. I’m not a defeatist, I’m a realist. Yes, of course, I and others will rally around and support viable candidates. You’re 100% right! They deserve and need our support more than ever. Just understand that there are powerful forces working in the foreground and background to destroy anyone that tries to question the status quo. Look what happened to and continues to happen to Judy Stearns, Kevin Lower, and now Sage. How long before the establishment pulls these candidates aside and tells them “this is how things really work around here”?

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  3. I sent some photos of Tari to a friend in a “Western State” last eve, and ALL he could say was “WOW, just wow! “That’s your mayor?” We’re getting a new one in Jan, and NO I won’t trade you! WHAT does that tell you.. AS for the council. As Patton once said to the “non-understanding Germans” “NUTS”


    1. One small correction, “NUTS” was the response given by BG Anthony McAuliffe to the Germanrequest to surrender the surrounded 101st at Bastogne.

      Otherwise, spot on.


    1. No problem. I am regularly in need of correction, or so says my spouse. I judge a person by how they respond to truth and correction. Townie, you are food in my book.

      As for the local rag, well, my birds don’t even use it.


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