VIP’s with the Naked Magicians

These pics were posted on Facebook on the page for the Naked Magicians and labeled Bloomington-Normal 11/8/2018.  Bars and taverns should now feel free to do lap dances, strip routines, whatever.  The BCPA set the standard:

20 thoughts on “VIP’s with the Naked Magicians

  1. Well, we now know who the porno loving deviants in the community are…..besides those that show up at Tari’s “Meet the Mayor” events.

    Identify ’em, Dox ’em!
    If these low lifes are your neighbors…..shun them
    If they are your employees… them
    If they are your children…..disown them.

    Let’s take a page out of the Left’s playbook.

  2. Is there a pic of Tari or Koos? Surely they were there to support their type of entertainment and technically it was a city sponsored function since at the BCPA.

      1. Maybe not King Koos. But Tari…..Japanese Hotel Lobby…..the Chicago “incident” some years ago….. Yeah…..he IS that silly!

  3. I wonder if Trisha was there as a representative of the city or because she is sleeping with Vicki Tilton’s son. Then again who you blow, I mean know, means a lot I BloNo.

  4. Smiles! Smiles and miles of smiles! While breaking city ordinance of not exposing buttocks might as well go for broke (city habit) and do some lines in the backroom. A little booger sugar will put some smiles on some faces that’s for sure. Top hat or not, no (respectable) heterosexual mail that iI know would be putting his hands on another mans crouch.

    1. “Top hat or not, no (respectable) heterosexual mail that iI know would be putting his hands on another mans crouch.”

      It’s the “New Normal” in Bloomington! (Where rainbow sashes are a fashion accessory)

      The whole deal is another fun “The Truth About McLean County” tidbit to include in the packet I send to companies talking about locating/expanding here.

  5. I believe I would be willing to donate money to a fund that would pay for a couple of billboards one Veteran’s Parkway near rout 9 intersection, the other across from city hall with these pictures on them. It could be titled “See what your tax money for BCPA gets in family entertainment”. Plus it would make public these pathetic humans that posed for this crap. If anybody tries to stop it legally then all in the people in pictures should be arrested under the same logic.

  6. That would be retinal rape! This is just totally UNBELIEVABLE! I didn’t realize there were this many “pre-verts” in this town, SOMEBODY needs to get a room!!

  7. Yes, I know all in good fun. But then the 50%off thing tells me it wasn’t getting traction so… How much did the BCPA loose on this one? How much did the taxpayers get stuck with to subsidize this one?

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