Bloomington Spiking, VenuWorks, and More

By:  Diane Benjamin

Bills and Payroll for Monday:

Two more employees are spiking their pensions – this is the penalty charged to taxpayers





When VenuWorks took over management of the Coliseum they wanted to remodel at taxpayer expense.  The City borrowed the money from them for the remodel.  These are two of the payments reimbursing them.

The agreement was signed in July 2016.  Roughly 2 1/2 years of payments have been made.  If 30 payments of $4,999.98 have been made, that totals around $150,000.  If the city decided to terminate VenuWorks this year they would owe them the balance.  What does that tell you is going to happen – regardless of how much the building loses?

This is the Promissory Note for repayment of $299,999 (over 5 years)  Coliseum agreement for equipment loan-promissory note_redacted

Legal sent to Springfield:


Bills haven’t been paid since the middle of December, so the list is extensive.  One PCard purchase is interesting:

So, Ann-Marie purchased props for photos of the porn guys but used the City Card instead of her personal card. The City was reimbursed 5 days later.  My question is:  Was she running a side photo business at the show?  

13 thoughts on “Bloomington Spiking, VenuWorks, and More

  1. Just realized something…..2 plastic top hats and a stuffed bunny cost $119? So much for value shopping. And this chic is sucking down $96,000+ in taxpayer money a year??????

  2. Who are the two employees who are spiking their pensions? I thought that if they were going to do that they had to be named.

  3. Is this the same chick that is suppose to be the “official photographer” of the arena as well? If it is, she brings her husband and kids with her to work and feeds them on comps through her media press pass.

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