Consider this:

By:  Diane Benjamin

Joliet chose Bloomington’s City Manager.

Bloomington had 3 candidates to replace him – all from Illinois.

Bloomington chose Decatur’s City Manager.  He then chose another guy from Decatur as an assistant.

The Streator City Manager has now been chosen by Decatur.

The Bloomington City Clerk came here from Arizona.  She didn’t stay long – she moved back.

Anybody getting the idea Illinois is now toxic?  Candidates from other states don’t want any government jobs in Illinois?  Used recycled Illinois administrators are now the pool to pick from?

The County has been trying to decide whether or not to hire a search firm to find Bill Wasson’s replacement.  Joliet hired GovHR and got Hales, but GovHR never mentioned the Coliseum investigation.

GovHR has their favorite people who will be recommended whether they are a good fit or not.  See David Hales.  He didn’t last long in Joliet.

The County wouldn’t have a problem if they hadn’t made Don Knapp State’s Attorney.  He was being groomed as the next County Administrator.

The last thing the County needs is a search firm.  They will end up with another David Hales.  Maybe the Macon County administrator should be tapped.  Whoever that is is probably sick of Decatur too.  We import their administrators (and murderers), why not get the whole gang together again?  That area of the state is obviously prospering!   (Not!)

If the County Board can’t find a qualified replacement on their own, they need to resign.  I bet the search will be a secret though.  Transparency is rarely part of the process.



8 thoughts on “Consider this:

  1. Grass roots politics can be reborn by instant communication and information.
    Perfectly ethical write-in campaigns can be done quickly.
    Read the election laws or contact an election commission.
    It has become time to stop this nonsense that we call government.

  2. It is pretty common knowledge and all over the internet that Illinois is an overtaxed, over-regulated, going down the fiscal tubes state that is consistently losing businesses and people. You would have to be like our Mayors and city councils to believe that it makes sense to move here. The property taxes alone are enough to scare anyone with a brain away from this area.

  3. Normal has one good candidate – Stan Nord. They might have a second in Karyn Smith. Do we know if there are any others? (Any other Good candidates – I know there are Bad candidates.) We need three.
    If not, I’ll rock-paper-scissors with whoever else is foolish/displeased enough to consider doing a write-in campaign.

    Do we have a list of good Bloomington candidates to give out to people who say “Sorry, I’m from Bloomington” as we respond “Yeah, I’d be sorry too.”?

  4. I said it before…STUPID people hire STUPID people. Unlike the business world, where IF you get beat up by the OTHER side, you go and HIRE their people, but NOPE! Illinois finds the melange from other locations, praises them, gives them hUGE pay raises and calls THEMSELVES “GENIUS”!!
    Ask yourself, HOW LONG would Koos OR Tari last against a REALLY INTELLIGENT and SHARP person…
    As for Hales, over thinking and micromanagement were his mantra.. The latter of the 2 HIRED him…

    1. Very true, rude hires rude, stupid hires stupid, arrogant hires arrogant – and well, BloNo is a haven for all three of those types.Also, Illinois is of course one of the most fled states in the Union and it’s not going to be getting under better any time soon. 🙁

  5. The city is going to hire another loon, so why hire a company to give the city a bunch of loons to choose from!

  6. is free. Perhaps, our mayor is unaware since he doesn’t know much about the private sector, other than how to extract money from it.

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