Local H1B Employers

By:  Diane Benjamin

Sponsors are needed to come to this country on an H1B Visa.  I found a website that shows a lot of information about companies and the number of H1B holders in cities and states.  These are employers bringing in people legally.

There is a ton of information on this site like this page with cities in Illinois where employers are looking for H1B or Green Card holders – none are local:    http://www.myvisajobs.com/visa-job-state/Illinois.htm

This page shows the number of current H1B employers in Normal – click the link to see the job descriptions:   http://www.myvisajobs.com/H1B-Visa/Search.aspx

Bloomington:   http://www.myvisajobs.com/H1B-Visa/Search.aspx

The site doesn’t provide names but it does list salaries – click around!

Keep in mind these people are here legally – the way people should enter the country.


2 thoughts on “Local H1B Employers

  1. No matter what you think about the H1B program, they represent the type of people we should want and encourage as immigrants–skilled, employable and self supporting. Please contrast that to the vast majority of illegals that criminally cross our Southern border. The rates of welfare dependence are absolutely staggering, even after a generation or two. But they sure do help the Democrat Party grow its’ voter base.


    1. How little you know!
      We don’t need H1-B Visa holders at all. Companies have used this Visa program to outsource work and un-employing American citizens. Some stay beyond their limit meaning when their contract is up and they should return to where they come from they scam the system by staying.
      Companies have lied and said they bring skills and talent to the U.S. They don’t they replace workers. How many SF H1-B Visa holders do you think they contract?
      We have plenty of available workers here in the U.S. There never was a shortage.
      Also this program in my opinion is slavery in our century. Why should a government be allowed to set the number allowed in? It shouldn’t! The free labor market and wages should prevail but companies don’t want that so they cry to the government.
      Here educate yourself on what is really going on. http://heather.cs.ucdavis.edu/h1b.html .


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