Justin Barr: The charges

By:  Diane Benjamin

State’s Attorney Don Knapp obtained the charging statements from Will County against Justin Barr.  He forwarded them to me.

When I posted the original story I had no idea how huge this story would be.  I have talked to people from multiple counties who also claim to be victims.  See it here if you missed it:   Lexington-guy-arrested-in-joliet-he-has-history-here

Will County charged Barr with Home Repair Fraud involving two victims.  The first case resulted in nine Felony charges Class 2, 3 an 4.  The second case resulted in three Felony charges, one class 3 and two Class 4.

People I’ve talked to will find the charges sound very familiar.  Below are the big ones, I redacted the victim’s names since it isn’t important.

Victim 1:


Victim 2:


Don Knapp is reviewing local cases.  I do know at least one was brought to the attention of Jason Chambers when he was State’s Attorney.  He told the victim it was a civil case.  That case involved even more money and all this victim got was stakes in the ground and trenches dug in preparation for concrete.

I know a lot of people would love to see Barr back in jail here.  Stay tuned. 







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