What no one in Bloomington talks about

By:  Diane Benjamin

The first thing that is NEVER discussed is what government should do verses what they are doing.  Budgeting requires making choices, Bloomington has decided roads aren’t that important.  What they want it more important.  You will probably be saddled with some type of water park and a sports complex this year.

Let’s review:

Tari claims they still owe $22 million on the Coliseum.  They have been paying $2 million a year for at least 11 years, so that’s another $22 million.  So far $44 million and it isn’t paid off, interest is going to continue to add to the total cost.  Somehow total costs never include interest.  Of course all the maintenance and repairs, the outdoor elevator and ADA compliance, new scoreboards and dasher boards, and general expenses aren’t included in any numbers.  The Coliseum is a huge drain on taxpayers.

The BCPA is not in an Enterprise Fund. That makes it harder to see how much of drain it is on you.

For this budget year the City projected revenues of $3,073,270  PDF page 86   http://www.cityblm.org/home/showdocument?id=18370

That is amusing since PDF page 202 says:

2018:  Tickets sold for BCPA events were 15,799 with $296,971 in ticket sales

The three million must include the $1.7 million they get in Home Rule Sales Tax – PDF page 201  How they plan to get to $3 million is a mystery.

PDF page 202 has a chart that makes zero sense.  To me it attempts to hide how much the BCPA costs you every year:

Let’s forget about loan payments for a minute and look at actual projected expenses – highlighted in yellow.  Those total $2,312,436.  Ticket Sales in 2018 were $296,971.  (Note anticipated ticket sales are not on this chart as revenue)

Probably some revenue is generated from rentals, but that number isn’t listed either.  Combining “Program Revenue” with “Transfers In” is deceptive.  Also note 2018 is less than 2017.

If ticket sales are only around $300,000 again, that means a loss of at least $2,000,000.

The bond payment and interest are $1,026,704.  Depreciation isn’t even mentioned.

You are paying higher sales taxes to cover the losses and the bond payments.  The BCPA is another huge drain on taxpayers.

Here’s where this story is going:


The name isn’t correct unless somebody is planning to change it – Vickie Tilton corrected them.

It looks like big plans have been made for the Creativity Center, including architectural drawings without you knowing.  That picture looks nothing like the current building at 107 E. Chestnut.

Go to this website instead:   http://www.artsblooming.org/education/creativity-center

It is a place for all types of arts.  It is also yet another “Quality of Life” item that won’t make money.

The tentative budget at the last meeting for next year includes $775,000 for the Creativity Center:    https://blnnews.com/2019/01/23/bloomingtons-fun-last-night/

The “Friends of the BCPA” are supposedly fundraising. Don’t forget the $75,000 returned to the Shirk Foundation, maybe they will donate it again:   https://blnnews.com/2018/10/09/why-did-bloomington-write-a-check-to-shirk-foundation/

This is the project to watch.  Evidently it’s supposed to be a secret while the Cara Peterson makes private presentations to gain public support.  Those drawings have never been presented at Council.

The Creativity Center looks to be the third huge drain on taxpayers.

Why it government in the art business?  Nobody talks about that.







8 thoughts on “What no one in Bloomington talks about

  1. Diane, would you please verify that I’m spelling previous police chief’s name right? Brendan Hefner ? Tari worked out a little deal with new police shief about turning people over to ICE & I’m going to let him know he’s been used by Tari.

  2. So….Tari has a little backroom deal to allow illegal CRIMINALS (and remember, ALL illegals are, by definition, CRIMINALS) to skate and prey on decent, law abiding citizens and legal immigrants? Why am I not surprised? Really, REALLY, hope he ends up a victim of his own criminality. Karma!

  3. More stealing from the working class and giving to the upper-income elites. I wonder if Renner smiles at the low-income voters that support him while he takes money out of their pockets to fund entertainment for his elitest cronies.

  4. It becomes more apparent every day in BloNo that it is “us” and “them”/we and they, of curse it is that way in countless communities all across the nation so we are not singled out in any way. THEY benefit one way or another while WE fund their follies. Oh they will argue that THEY pay the same taxes etc, but to be honest, I am not even so sure of that anymore since “they” find a way to get a LOT of “free stuff” and perks for THEM (and their toadies AKA as “dependable voters”). It’s sickening to say the least.

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