The CLUELESS running for office

By:  Diane Benjamin

Last Saturday the McLean County Republican Party held a debate for the candidates running for Bloomington City Council.  The only candidate to decline the invitation was Jenn Carrillo who is running to replace Karen Schmidt.

The debate was filmed by the GOP and linked here in 4 parts, each around 15 minutes.

The first video and part of the second are introductory comments from each participant.  The remaining video is responses to questions from the audience.

The third video has a question about the Welcoming Ordinance/Sanctuary City.  Jeff Crabill would be a yes, I have no idea about Chip Frank, Karen Schmidt is still a no, Julie Emig likely a yes, Georgene Chissill likely a yes,  Donna Boelen No because it’s a federal issue,

On the third video at 12:27 is a question about the Coliseum.  Chissell speaks at 13:10.  Her comments proves how the misinformation promoted in the media and by the City make her unfit for office.  Candidates who believe what they are told aren’t representing citizens, they represent the City.  Chissell thinks the Coliseum only loses between $500,000 and $600,000  a year but brings in much more than that in tax dollars.  She also thinks the BCPA is a success.  Both are false statements.


The candidates are mostly weak.  Voters should be looking for leaders who know government caused the problems locally and government can not fix them with more programs.  Most think they can, it just hasn’t been done right yet.

If you live in Wards 2, 4, 6, or 8 listen to what they say.  Ward 8 doesn’t have a choice.  That seat will be taken by a guy who thinks the rich don’t pay enough taxes and who believes in social justice.  If good people don’t step up to run, this is what you get.

Your roads still won’t be getting fixed.  Donna Boelen was the only candidate to mention the City is not budgeting what Public Works Director Jim Karch needs.

Two more debates are scheduled:

Tuesday, March 19—Bloomington City Council
6–7:30 p.m., Illinois State University Alumni Center

Ward 2 candidates will debate at Luther Oaks February 10th from 6-9 pm




4 thoughts on “The CLUELESS running for office

  1. Nothing wrong with social justice: rule of law, equality under the law, bill of rights, enforcement of contracts, etc, etc, etc. Social justice is the point of all those pillars of western thought. The definition of social justice in the current ethos is an oxymoron.

  2. Unfortunately, as MANY of us sane folks who read this site already know, “Bad news” or whatever duck you wish to call it, is rampant in today’s society! This is further propagated by People who author books, articles, etc, and do their research off the side of a cereal box while eating breakfast!
    Good research involves MANY hours, either in a library with dusty old books, letters, notes, manuscripts, unpublished thesis, etc. Or on the internet, or verbal communication. NONE of which most anyone under age 30 seems to grasp, so they “believe” what is printed on their latest internet post. Hence the recent Native American “affair” and other such stupidity BROUGHT ON , by NO research or FACTS, which are dead!
    So, to use a metaphor, TRUTH in media is dead!
    Imagine WHAT kind of reading the bible would be today if someone such as Nancy Pelosi was a co-author??

  3. I wish I knew what could be done, one thought that has occurred to me about the lack of decent candidates is, I believe a big part of that could be that no one decent wants to have to associate with Tarry and his little gaggle of minions who are not too bright but quite full of themselves and able to attack like a pack of spotted hyenas if they can single out their prey if they are challenged to any degree. That’s how that crowd operates.This would be bad both during the election period and would possibly even ramp up if the person was successful and got elected As long as Tarry leads the pack their little fiefdom is safe it seems. I know it would be smart to try and pick them off one by one but the despair and apathy that has fallen over so many good and decent people somehow has to be lifted from both Normal and Bloomington. The Koos gang isn’t any better.

  4. “If good people don’t step up to run, this is what you get.”

    Tell people about the good candidates. Stan Nord, and especially Karl Sila, who has an uphill battle since he’s a write-in. (Have I missed mention of any good candidates in Bloomington? Them too, if there are any!)

    Tell people to vote – potholes don’t go ‘thump-thump’, they go ‘Vote-Vote’! And there are hundreds of dollars per person on the line with the new sports boondoggle on the way – Tell people to treat it as a part-time job that pays a minimum $100 an hour!

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