Bloomington Waiving Moratorium for friends?

By:  Diane Benjamin

On the agenda for Monday night is a public hearing on next years budget.  PDF page 163 has a brief summary that says next to nothing:

If you want to see details, go here:

Also on the Agenda:

PDF page 166:

Allowing exceptions to the moratorium on video gaming!

The State of Illinois has a PDF of pending video gaming licenses:  PendingApplicant

Two are listed in McLean County – both in Bloomington:

Presented for discussion is:

Specifically, since the moratorium was originally expected to be repealed on March 1, 2019, the proposed update would allow the City Council to waive the restrictions on licenses if an applicant had been pursuing and/or received a license through the Illinois Video
Gaming Board by March 1, 2019 for a specific location within the City and the City’s license is sought by a fraternal organization.

At a previous meeting, Tari mentioned the Knights of Columbus wanted a license.  It doesn’t appear either of these are for them.  T V E O already has a State license for Eric’s Mini Mart on West Wood.

This should be good theater.  At one time Tari was appalled by how much gambling was going on in Bloomington, not so much when the moratorium was extended.  See the current license holders in Bloomington HERE

Zoning ordinance

It isn’t about zoning, it’s about accomplishing the utopia the planners want to see.  It also takes away your rights, but they don’t care.  They threw in some chicken and bees provisions to compensate.

Excerpts:  PDF page 171 and following



PDF page 472

The City was their own Economic Development Department.

Socialism, government is so much smarter than a mere citizens wanting to start a business:

They claim there is no material cost. (Yet)


8 thoughts on “Bloomington Waiving Moratorium for friends?

  1. It doesn’t seem right that they would give Eric another license as he’s THE ONE used as the only example of problems associated with his video gaming as per Mayor Renner. Eric’s long list of problems was the example as to why “costs” noted as reasons to (justify) video gaming licenses and fees. Except for the fact that Eric is a contributor and supporter of the Renner regime.

  2. Gee, this plan Teri has sounds just like the one Obama wanted to push off on us, the Community Development idea is just a regurgitation of Obama wanting to put “subsidized” housing in all neighborhoods. Maybe instead of calling Teri Renner King we should call him Barack Renner instead?

    In regards to the K of C having troubles getting gaming license the Government of Bloomington should keep their noses out of it . K of C is a CATHOLIC Religious body and we all know how the Liberals like to SEPARATE CHURCH FROM STATE. it goes both ways.

    As for the plan that is the “right fit” just remember, Barack Renner only sees the dollar signs. If the value of your property goes up so goes up your tithe to Tari.

    But dont worry folks, he isnt going to consult with the citizens,the people who foot the bill for his decrees,you are paying a firm 125K to do that.

    And last but certainly not least, Barack Renner may SAY he hates the gambling machines but he DOES love the cash that flows into his piggy bank from the taxes he slaps on them.

  3. Joni Painter is the one that doesn’t want anymore Machines because a Couple Friends of hers have them and they told her they really do not want any more competition.

      1. This whole idea was created by Joni, it is on the Public Record. It is also very easy to figure relations & relationships.

  4. Bloomington is a community based on handouts to friends of City Hall. Tari and the Council hate people that think and do for themselves. They’re afraid of liberty and want people to fall in line with their vision. The local media, Chamber, and business owners enforce the will of Bloomington and Normal municipal governments by attacking or maligning people and businesses that dare to step out of line. Businesses either have to submit to the local government, shut down, or leave town. There’s no middle ground. By the way, when was the last time a private business (not including restaurants) with decent paying jobs started in BN without a government handout? Maybe there’s a tech startup I missed. Anyone?

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