Socialists sworn in today

By:  Diane Benjamin

Sonny Garcia is a self-proclaimed democratic socialist.  He has no clue what that means.  He does want the Welcoming Ordinance, Community Policing, Green City, Affordable Housing, and free public transportation.

Side note to Sonny and Jenn:  Bloomington aggregated buying electricity and opted for only “green”.  That means those poor and oppressed people you claim to represent are paying more for electricity than they would have otherwise.  The electricity isn’t green, there is no difference in how it’s generated.  “Green” is just more expensive.  Happy?

Sonny posted this today. Congrats Bloomington, you will have two Sonny comrades on the Council.  Why should they be allowed to vote on anything supported by Illinois People’s Action?  Jenn shouldn’t since she is now employed by the Chicago affiliate!


Red is the color of socialist/communists on May 1st.  I wonder if they will raise their fists too?

Will their oath of office be to the Constitution?

or will somebody try to sneak in a non-conforming oath?

14 thoughts on “Socialists sworn in today

  1. “Comrades”… not much more needs to be said really, but, I wonder if a Fidel or Che shirt would be ok as well? Maybe a Maduro.. . Marx? Engels? Lenin? Mao? Oh the possibilities are endless really.

  2. Why is the swearing in ceremony on a Wednesday when Bloomington City Council meetings are on a Monday evening? Is this because of May day being today? Why isn’t the swearing in ceremony happening at the first Council meeting in May?

  3. I hope I get off work early today so I can go, better yet I hope they can’t do it.

  4. Yo RONIN. First of all, always glad to read your posts. That said, interested folks ought to check out this link, in regards to Maduro. Basically MSNBC notes that Maduro is still in power due to the fact that he controls the military that has the guns. Basically supporting the 2nd Amendment slipped into an MSNBC segment.

  5. (Almost) Nobody likes Nazis. Socialists seem to Particularly not like Nazis. Ever wonder why that is?
    How would you feel if some second-rate amateurs got all the fame and publicity for something you were the clear and undeniable champion at by a long shot?
    Nazis were responsible for roughly 40 million deaths in the 20th century and they get a lot of attention because of it. Socialism has killed roughly Three Times That, and is still going strong! Yet they barely get a mention most circles.
    Be sure to tell Jenn, Sonny, and any other socialists you meet to stand proud like the true champions there are!

  6. I’d ALMOST say this guy is more of a COMMUNIST as he looks like MARX and uses the word “comrades” like Gen Mao. All he needs is a red outfit and some goose stepping minions and he’d be there!

  7. I recall online debates several years ago where Sonny would hide the fact he is a socialist. Now he has removed the mask and openly embraces the label.
    Years ago when Matejka was on the council IPA got involved in local poitics and it was a train wreck. According to an old Pantagraph article Alderman Skip Crawford referred to IPA as thugs.
    Expect a thuggery like we have never seen in this city to take place. Renner wont be able to control them.

      1. Precisely, they are Tarry’s little Brownshirts, only in a socialist kind of way, (it’s awful easy to mix up the Nazis and Socialists these days) as Diane says, he won’t want to, he will be delighted with them. Also, to Stanky, I’d been away for a bit so catching up today – and my my things are just beginning to get even more messed up in Bloomington – can’t wait until they haven’t fixed the streets, but don’t worry, the money is going to “a good place”… and thanks for the Maduro link I have a friend who used to live in Venezuela, she has maintained contacts with many friends there and it is far far worse than we are being shown, but then we know that – and MSNBC in their own bubble-headed way making a good argument for the 2nd Amendment is simply priceless.

  8. I couldn’t get video of it all, but the popularity contest tonight was disgusting! Tari’s Head was so far up Jenn’s butt, I’m surprised he didn’t die of suffocation. Jenn was wearing her “communist” swag and oh so proud. Sonny “cocaine dealer” Garcia stood off to the side in his Red IPA shirt. I will say Julie and Jeff were appropriate and professional. I was surprised by how well dressed Jenn’s family was and also by the really expensive phone her father had considering they are here illegally and cannot work legally. One would think they would use any extra funds they have to support the government. Maybe that’s not what the socialist are talking about. Perhaps Racist Jenn only believes people of a certain skin tone should live in poverty and hand over their money to her.. On a high note, Donna was there. She was sworn in. She was strong.

  9. Angela, thanks for the feedback. I don’t know that I could take it in person.

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