WGLT’s yellow journalism

By:  Diane Benjamin

Even the Pantagraph doesn’t convict people in the court of public opinion!  WGLT does.

Two days ago they did a story about Carlock’s Mayor:  Carlock Mayor Arrested Not Charged Domestic Dispute

No Charges Were Filed.  The police should consider themselves lucky the mayor didn’t sue them for false arrest.

Even Ryan Denham, a normally competent reporter, quoted a McLean County State’s Attorney:

It was not clear beyond a reasonable doubt who was the primary aggressor in the case, Koll added.

So why the hit piece three months after it happened?  Obviously somebody out to “get” Jeremiah Houston tipped off WGLT.  Denham fell for it!

The story includes a cute disclaimer about holding elected officials to a higher standard.  Since no charges were filed and the State’s Attorney’s office said they couldn’t ascertain what happened, why did WGLT feel the need to smear Houston?  He didn’t even see a judge.

This reminds me of NPR reporting on Russian Collusion.  Two years of Trump is guilty until he wasn’t.  Then they accused Trump of obstructing an investigation into a crime that never existed.  Brilliant reporting.  WGLT is an NPR affiliate.

A call was made to the police from outside the Houston house.  Neither Houston or his wife called the police for help.  Did that caller tip off WGLT?

This story proves journalism has died at WGLT.  Ryan is usually much better than this.




6 thoughts on “WGLT’s yellow journalism

  1. Led by RC Goebbels, WGLT is our version of CNN and the Washington Post. I really wish that our Great President Trump would end the funding of NPR. National Propaganda Reporting is the vile arm of the Globalists, Deep State, Leftist Socialists and the Democratic Party.

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  2. The WGLT reporting of this story proves one should not bother going to them for news….
    1. The story happened 3 months ago and now they are just reporting it. That proves they do not stay on top of local news….in a timely matter. If reported the day after it happened one could justify that.
    2. By this time when they reported the story it was no longer an event. What happened to innocent until proven guilty? I would say you have go to trial or be charged to start that parade.
    3. When you have to justify reporting a story the way they did says a lot about WGLT. A good station with a good reputation would be trusted by the audience and this would not be needed. For them to think they have to do such says a lot about that trust.
    4. With general manager RCMcBribe in charge, it would have been nice if they would have followed some of these ideas they presented concerning politicians held to a higher standard when reporting about him, and both cities mayors as well as councils.
    5) The justification bit by WGLT makes me laugh as much as CBS radio when they say, Real News….Real Reporting”. If you have to tell people this to blow your own horn obviously there is a reason to believe otherwise.

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    1. No real journalism going on at WGLT. They are a cardboard cut out of a real news organization. They are a narrative builder and a propaganda outlet for the leftist establishment here. This story just highlights how really bad they are.


  3. People are so quick to judge and bash one another yet don’t have the actual facts of the situations that arise. WGLT is fake and likes to post bad things about events that happen to people especially if you are a politician.

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  4. We Got Legal Tendencies! Is a station such that IF ANYONE who BELIEVES the “news” that they report, THEY would also believe that Elvis works at a McDonalds in Kalamazoo, Michigan, ET flies here every night from the Dark Side of the Moon and that Jim Morrison is a bartender in France!!
    I REALLY think that the OLD hippies that used to “hang out” in the top floor of Cook Hall and SPIN records for WGLT had MORE sense then the “current” gang of reporters (a loosely used term here )..
    WGLT LOVES to spin their “Trump derangement” syndrome EVERY chance they get, and every other far left news story that has no content or human interest other then to “spin” their agenda. SAD REALLY!!
    For a station that is SUPPOSED to be a PUBLIC radio station, they twist the news more then Italians making REAL OX milk MOZZARELLA!!
    About the ONLY thing worth a GRAIN of NaCl on WGLT is the PUZZLER on Sunday Morning. Otherwise, it’s a gang of socialists that want to destroy civilization as we know it.. And as for NEWS. The LAST time they reported REAL news was when A space shuttle malfunctioned…
    R.I.P. for BOTH!!
    Hearst would be PROUD!!


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