Seriously? It’s 11:30 am and it’s STILL Wrong?

Headline in today’s Pantagraph:

joke for day

Still get your news there?

(I don’t know when, but they finally fixed it)

18 thoughts on “Seriously? It’s 11:30 am and it’s STILL Wrong?

  1. It is certain that Labor and their candidates will show their presence in the parade Monday.
    That is why the headline Labor.


      1. It took a couple of comments burning the Pantagraph in their comment section to wake them up. One was written….support local journalism and accuracy….(with a snide comment after). Wonder who was the ghost writer on that? Once they saw this a miracle happened, the holiday was changed and the comments deleted. It would have been bad enough to have been in the story’s text, but to be in the BIG BOLD headline, great job of proof reading by Maria the editor and any other who check these things. Probably looking ahead to that big pay raise Prickster go them a while back and they were surfing the internet looking to spend it.


  2. My paper does not say that. Nothing on page 1 but info about Memorial Day parade and programs on page 2. Where is the mistaken headline? Thanks.


  3. I THINK Labor Day and May Day are soon to be the only holidays approved by the Bloomington Politburo – until the other “old fashioned” holidays can be completely erased all holidays will simply be referred to as either Labor Day or May Day. They MIGHT approve Marx’s Birthday as well eventually and since it is on May 5th perhaps an entire week can be given over to celebrations honoring both May Day and Marx’s birthday – I’m sure it will come up in a council meeting eventually.


  4. For the first time ever if I am not mistaken, the Pantagraph is not going to have a print edition on Memorial Day, it will be available in electronic form only.

    How long can it be until they just send out AP wire stories as their version of the paper. It will only take one person working from home to manage the paper at that point.


  5. LIBERALS = EDUCATED IDIOTS! They don’t know the difference from Memorial Day and Labor Day with Mark Pickering in charge of the Slantagraph this is no surprise!!! 😀


      1. Not totally correct. He retired years ago as an editor of REAL NEWS. The position has been ghosted by a person on life support with not brain activity. Probably he is getting out before they do some major cuts.


  6. Seriously? It’s 11:00 PM and your own headline about another news source’s headline has a typo? If you’re going to criticize at least don’t make the same mistake.


  7. Maria was trying to tell me how to do her job last night….RE: Open Meeting Act Violations. She knew she wouldn’t be reporting on it so I guess she felt like I needed to know that the city attorney was explaining it to the the 4 Alderman present and I should listen in.

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