By:  Diane Benjamin

A reader told me the paper has an article about a new musical at Heartland Community College:  Gypsy.  Will the self-appointed head of the speech police, Jenn Carrillo, attack them the way she attacked a fledgling downtown business when they had Gypsy in their name?

Bills and Payroll from the first meeting in June 2018

On PDF page 5 it shows 480 Bi-Weekly employees

On PDF page 6 it shows 355 Weekly employees

That’s a total of 835 employees

Bills and Payroll from the first meeting in June 2019

PDF page 5 shows 856 Bi-Weekly employees

There isn’t a list of weekly employees

21 more employees than 1 year ago.  (They aren’t out mowing, I know some are in the clerk’s office.  Last I heard at least some of the retirees in public works haven’t been replaced.  Priorities, priorities)

More Sick Leave Buy Back up for approval on Monday:  (Pension Spiking)


Celebrate!  The Illinois Democrats lifted the ban on pension spiking:

It’s almost like Illinois government is only for government employees!

Since the Mayor won’t say a word to explain why Ward 1 will not be represented Monday night, I will.  This email was received in a FOIA by a reader:

Mathy missing

Random thought on parks:

The City had a new Parks Master Plan presented months ago.  I remember a speaker claiming mowing costs could be cut by leaving some areas natural.  If I remember right, he was talking about walking trails through natural plants, not weeds and grass going to seed.

Maybe the bad mowing job from the previous story is the City’s version?

5 thoughts on “Conundrums

  1. “It’s almost like Illinois government is only for government employees!
    YES Bingo – 100% correct! Always remember “SOME animals are more equal than others” and “The pigs deserve the best food because they do all of the important work” We’ve been living Animal Farm for a good while now, it’s just getting more and more obvious.

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  2. Jenn has no problem attacking the private sector. It will be interesting to see if she give HCC a free pass. As I commented before, her attack and boycott threat of the restaurant is not going to be the last time she tries to pressure businesses. Evidentally, she’ll pick a fight with a business that fights back. I’ll be watching with my bowl of popcorn. Bloomington needs businesses more than businesses need Bloomington. Also, knowing Tari as we do, I suspect many of these new workers are employed to collect fees/taxes, enforce codes and violations, or “revitalize” Downtown. How many of you would have spent the Downtown signage money on an hourly bump in pay to attract and retain more seasonal mowers?


    1. I could not believe she attacked a new business in her district like that. She is classless at best! I was happy to see so many take her to task for that though! Of course she did not respond to them. The new business owners showed class and graciousness. Lessons J obviously did not learn.

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  3. Why does the city even own a lawnmower or have any employees cutting grass? Most cities have outsourced this to companies who are much more efficient and economical. It is time to get out of the 90’s.

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