Strike #2 Jenn

By:  Diane Benjamin

Strike #1 was Carrillo’s attack on a new downtown business.  She got hammered during public comment and will again tomorrow night when the downtown businesses are meeting with her.  More on tonight’s assault on her mouth in the morning.

Strike #2 was this:


US flag code

That statement is an excerpt from the US Flag Code.  People have died to defend the Stars and Stripes.  It represents all Americans regardless of who they sleep with. Jenn’s disrespect is appalling.

As a former illegal alien, laws likely never mattered.


23 thoughts on “Strike #2 Jenn

  1. As a person who’s late father FOUGHT for COUNTRY, flag and FREEDOM, I find this a HIGHLY disrespectful move on ANY level-LET alone that of a Lesbian, Illegal, Mouthy and NON CARING, narcissist! THERE ARE RULES for displaying and destroying the AMERICAN FLAG, which seems to evade the “cerebral matter” of this POLITICIAN who CLAIMS to SERVE the citizens, BE a citizen and be proud to be an AMERICAN, NONE of which is shown in HER behavior!! This is TOTAL BOLVINE FECIES!
    Men AND women DIED fighting for the belief of what THIS “fugitive thug” is dis-respecting! IT has to STOP!! NOW AND FOREVER! MAGA!
    This is NOT A Repubiican NOR a Democratic thing, this IS a RESPECT FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

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    1. She knew exactly what she was doing. Has no respect for this country along with her illegal alien parents. Totally intentional to bring attention to herself and her personal political causes. People in Ward 6 should have come out in droves to vote against this mentality compromised piece of human debris.

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  2. None of these socialist fools give any credit for the FACT that if not the United States of America little if any freedom to be who you are, to be and individual, would exist at all.

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  3. The US flag is all inclusive as it represents all people
    The LGBTQ flag is not inclusive. There is no ‘S’ on the end of LGBTQ for straight people.

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    1. So 4.5 percent of the population in the United States which qualifies them for a flag (I guess) and the ability to place it above the flag of our great country? In U.S., Estimate of LGBT Population Rises to 4.5%

      We need to stand up to this BS in the strongest terms. This is not LGBT America or White America or Black America or Mexican America or Asian America. This is the United State of American!

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      1. She is getting the reaction she wanted by doing it. Carrillo really believes her own BS. In reality, her self-esteem is one on a scale of one thousand. I firmly believe she is mentally ill and quite possibly a clinical sociopath. She is like an arsonist that starts a fire then hides behind the closest bunch of bushes to watch it burn while the fire department attempts to put it out only to return later and start the fire again, hides and watches all the while giggling to herself and sweating in joy.

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  4. Certainly by now you would know that liberals dont give a rats ass about laws/rules/ or codes of conduct. I’m surprised she didnt have a flag of her home country and NO American flag at all.


  5. Illegal gay idiot on Bloomington city Council Wants a bigger gay pride flag then the stars and strips. Unfuckingbelievable!!!

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  6. I need someone to design me a “White Pride” flag. I am very proud of my race. My ancestors built the modern world. But I know… I am not supposed to be proud of who I am.. I need to be ashamed of being white. Is it not strange that immigrants of the world all want to immigrate to predominately white countries? And the reason for this is? Because white countries are the richest, the most egalitarian and the most well run countries in the world. So how about a White Pride flag that we can proudly display below the stars and stripes? Let me guess… my flag would be racist, right?

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    1. I tend to like simpler flags, so they can be reproduced by hand vs intricate pictures such as the IL flag.
      Working from your own post,:
      – a white flag as a base
      – three vertical gold bars, one centered to show we are rich and one on each end to symbolize that we are generous to others with our riches. (gold bars would have to be narrow, like 10% width, to maintain the ‘white flag with added symbolism’ motif vs a gold flag with white bars)
      – two partial horizontal black lines in the center, an equals sign, to symbolize being egalitarian.
      – one could alternately make the gold portion more multi-directional along the lines of the Union Jack
      – one could alternately make the equals sign multi-colored to represent that we treat all races equally

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  7. So WYZZ just noted on the TeeVee that the owners will change the name of “The Gypsy Room.” Although the new name has not yet been announced or decided perhaps we can offer a few suggestions that Jenn would approve..
    #1) Queen Carillo’s
    #2) Jenn’s Place
    #3) All PC, All the Time
    #4) We’re Chicken!
    #5) Bully’s Welcome
    #6) Illegals RULE!
    #7) Buttkist
    #8) Renner’s Rainbow Room (in honor of her mentor)

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  8. I didn’t realize the Pantagraph has a Facebook page. I suggest people also post their comments on the Pantagraph’s page for more exposure. We need to fight back.

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