Fireworks at Bloomington Council

By:  Diane Benjamin

Jenn Carrillo had her “pride” flag at the beginning of the meeting.  She sits right next to the mayor, he said nothing.  Maybe he doesn’t know displaying a personal flag that is larger than the American flag is offensive and violates the US Flag Code.  If you missed last night’s story, see it here:

Tari’s proclamations took almost 25 minutes.  Even though some of the organizations are worthy of notice, did the recipients know Renner is merely buying votes?  Who gets paid to write and print the lengthy accolades?  Nora?

Public comment was impressive.  Tari went through his every-meeting spiel about getting issued solved at his “open house”, he never mentioned he canceled it last Friday.

The first speaker was Ruben Granados, a downtown business owner – Spice Works.  He hammered Jenn Carrillo for her bully tactics against the owners of a new restaurant downtown.  He told her activists tactics have no place on the City Council.  He included the silence of the Council and the Chamber of Commerce as complicit.  Just hit play below to hear his comments.

Fast forward to 41:20.  Leon Kaeb expressed his outrage at Renner’s speech and antics.  He mentioned the left’s outrage at President Trump should instead be focused on local officials.  He wants accountability from the Council.

Fast forward again to 52:53.  Scott McCoy was a graduate of Bloomington 101, but he refused to accept his “certificate” from Renner.  He called Tari’s comments about Clarence Thomas disgraceful.  He also called out the Council and Not In Our Town for their silence.  He said he expects better from community leaders.  WMDB TV covered McCoy’s comments last night:

Sprinkled between and after were comments from Citizens to Ensure Fair Transit.  They aren’t going away because they have no other form of transportation and no one to date is listening to their concerns.  One mentioned people on the Olive Route don’t normally have to transfer.  They are therefore only counted once.   On some routes people have to transfer three times so those routes have falsely inflated ridership numbers.

Jeff Crabill proved he never followed City Council meetings before running for office.  See 1:18:50.  He submitted a Council Initiative and thinks because he filled it out he gets on the agenda.  That’s not the program Jeff.  He should have talked to the other alderman and got 4 to agree with him that it needs discussed.  It sounds like the rules have been changed just for him since Connect Transit’s budget will be on next Monday’s Committee of the Whole meeting.  Scott Black brought up the rules at 1:20.  He thinks they need reviewed.

Did you know taxpayers paid for part of the west side mural painting?  Evidently your money wasn’t supposed to be used, but the arts crowd failed to raise money so they crawled to the City.  Donna Boelen brought it up during her comments, see 1:27.

Other notes:

Last night WJBC had a story on line about Carrillo’s comments.  It had Gypsy spelled G*psy.  Hey WJBC:  It is offensive to most of the town for you to cave to the rants of a leftist clown who thinks she has a right to declare some words a slur.  If, as she contends, it is a slur because of Hitler’s extermination of gypsies, the same would apply to the word Jews.  The WJBC on-line story now has gypsy spelled out.  Maybe the media can ask that downtown restaurant owner how much it cost to change the name because of Jenn.  They should have kept “The Gypsy Room” and told Jenn boycott away.  Bowing to this bully only means more bullying.  Congrats to WGLT for spelling out “gypsy” in their story.

The actual meeting was uneventful and should have lasted 10 minutes.  Jamie Mathy and Tim Gleason were both MIA.

17 thoughts on “Fireworks at Bloomington Council

  1. Just stop Dee Dee. You voted for a guy who calls for boycotts all the time but you wag your tail when he says it. Furthermore, Gypsy can be used in pejorative context and there are many Romani who object to appropriating the term. Do you think Jewish people would object if the restaurant was called the Jew Room (Judaism is a religion. What’s the problem?)How bout the White Bread Club (we serve sandwiches) or the Dumb Redneck (our servers look like extras out of Deliverance), or the Drunk Angry Leprachaun(who likes to drink more than the Irish)? Romani have been persecuted and discriminated against up to this day. It seems like a slap in the face to many to use Gypsy to promote pop-culture when it has coexisted for hundreds of years with systematic persecution. I don’t expect you to have an ounce of empathy because in reality you like to dance the line of what’s appropriate to serve YOUR interests. Remember when Kevin Lower liked the Marcus Garvey Facebook group? You laughed it off. But had the mayor —or anyone else not considered conservative would have done it, you would have had a 7 day diatribe on this blog. Dry your crocodile tears because you are not fooling me or anyone else, just those gullible to clap and smile at you because their latent prejudice has found a home.


    1. “The Drunk Leprechaun”? Not bad. As a person with European Irish heritage (which I am very in your face proud of by the way) I admit has a nice ring to it. Most Irish guys would get the joke and be regulars. Also did you know that many Catholics of all makes and models, including priests and nuns were victims of the Holocaust? Little mentioned I know but a historical fact. But again, all priests are pedophiles so in your mind they probably deserved it. Another question … why so angry all the time? Were most liberals the middle child? Mommy or daddy booked on you and it’s everyone’s fault? No friends at school? Didn’t make the cheer team? Someone made fun of you and didn’t stand up to them? C’mon what is it? You can tell us.


      1. They are angry because they are suffering from massive cognitive dissonance and the narratives that prop up their leftist agendas look like someone shot them with a 12 gauge shotgun. Their entire world view is in tatters. Nothing makes sense to them anymore. They are NPCs. NPC University 17 “I Think”


  2. It’s not my blog and it’s not my rules but the resident troll who changes their name every day could be somewhat discouraged by occassionally just not printing their idiot post. Just think, they sit down and spend a few minutes of their time, only to be denied. But who know, maybe you already do that. Thanks for what you do Diane. Keep up the good work.

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  3. Jenn is paving the way for sweeping change next election cycle. This is gold! As previously mentioned, the “Stan effect” is coming to Bloomington one cycle behind Normal. People have finally had it and are prepared to get off the couch to pull the lever. Jenn provides more incentives every day with her bullying, childish, and Chicago-style politics. Good for these local business owners for calling her out.


  4. I am angry my father now gone spent 5 hours in the ocean after his ship was hit by a kmakazee during World War Two fighting so America could remain free but being a proud American he had the American flag tattooed on his arm like a lot of Navy men. And to have this sleazebag disrespect our flag like she did makes me more than angry. What the hell kind of people live in ward 6 that would vote in such a pig. I don’t name call easily but you disrespect our flag you deserve every bad name sent your way.


  5. Ha! You call it babble because you have NOTHING in reply or you can’t justify your prejudice. Your brain went into shutdown mode because it met its bullshit quota.
    MPEABODY, I have Irish ancestors and am a confirmed Catholic you presumptuous idiot. Apparently you don’t have much going on as evidenced by how many times you comment on this blog. Sounds like your only existence is a computer and Dee Dee. Sad.


    1. I beg your pardon, I use my cell phone not my computer while commenting. How presumptuous of you. Also, calling me or others an idiot is offensive to those with clinically diagnosed mental challenges. I thought you were more caring than that (oops, just presumed). You never did answer my question why you and your liberal friends are so angry all the time. C’mon, which local politician are you? I spend a lot of time on this blog because I have a crush on Diane and want her to know how much I care. Actually, I have had personal interactions with many of the people referred to in this blog. I spend time on this blog because it is the only one that has the guts to tell the truth about the political liars in this community. Happy to do my part

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      1. Nonododo must have gotten triggered, or is maybe just cranky. S/he might need to go to Moe’s, or Epiphany Farms or something and see if s/he can get some free comfort food…As to the word “gypsy” yes, it CAN be used as a slur, but more often is not, they must be one of the latest groups the Left uses as a tool by acting as if they care about them. If you are familiar with Boxing you may know that Tyson Fury (as one example) proudly wears the name of “The Gypsy King” (he is of Irish Traveler descent) It must be awful being triggered and outraged nearly constantly over anything at all that somehow pierces the shielding bubble of the leftist cocoons, but then I am starting to think the Left does indeed thrive on creating division, causing arguments and of course coming up with new outrages whenever it is at all possible. As has been said Political Correctness as well is often turned into a tool by them to silence any opposition.

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