The Fools at City Hall

By:  Diane Benjamin

For a change the fools were outside City Hall instead of inside.   A LEGAL immigrant friend of mine who fled socialism/communism to come here tried to talk to some of the participants.  The surest way to find a fool is to find people with closed minds.  She found a bunch of them.

These people were protesting detention centers on the border.  They want them closed.

The people in them can go home any time they want, but the word Holocaust was tossed around like it applied.  There are at least 100,000 people a month crossing the border illegally, it isn’t surprising detention is over crowded.  These folks want everybody released.

Like Jose Rodriguez was?

He obviously didn’t come here to be an American.  Illinois even gives driver’s licenses to illegals, he didn’t bother to get one.

Anybody think these people aren’t the same people who supported the Welcoming Ordinance?  Do they have the blood of Corey Cottrell on their hands?

I’m purposely showing a pic from behind – it would be sad to embarrass most of the participants:brgreeqryj

I hear there could have been around 100 of these “democratic socialists”.

One looked vaguely family, is that a current County Board member?



When the ovens are installed at the border, they need to let us know.  There was a real Holocaust, these people evidently don’t know it:



The guy who murdered millions called himself a socialist too.  It never stays social.

His party was called the National Socialist Workers Party.  Don’t bother commenting to the contrary, it won’t get posted.

38 thoughts on “The Fools at City Hall

  1. I noticed that Sonny’s podium was made with a road construction sawhorse. City-owned??

  2. Hitler stated in his book that anyone who has looked at us and seen a political movement, has seen nothing.

  3. “I’m purposely showing a pic from behind – it would be sad to embarrass most of the participants:”

    Diane, I am terribly disappointed in this decision. We need to know who these people are. Why are you voluntarily treating them like Antifa, in essence giving them masks? Have they gotten to you, too?


  4. Most of the people in that group fall into 2 categories – clueless idealists who know NOTHING of what socialism does to a country and have this pie in the sky “But but NORWAY!” line of belief and the other category consists of those who know full well what it does and hope to be one of the privileged few connected to the “regime” in one way or another where one lives and eats quite well indeed. It’s like people who have NO idea how hard life is in China for the lower working classes or the remote farmers or the people who think Cuba is some sort of paradise because they took a carefully orchestrated tour one time.

  5. There is quite a lynch mob you have assembled here for one person. Mr. Jose Rodriguez has a right to due process and a trial. Mr. Rodriguez has not been convicted. You seem to forgot that in your zeal to convict him without a trial.

    You’re setting a pretty low bar for detention centers in this country. Gee you say, they don’t have overs. The conditions that were described by the Inspector General of the Trump administration not some radical congress person. This included no food, no water no room to sleep, medication taken away from people, infants being taken care of by teenagers. There were worst conditions witness by Pence when he visited a detention with notice. That you think these condition are fine, then I question your humanity. That you think that these people are sub-human is immoral. In this country you’re not allow to treat your pet like the way Border Control is treating people in its custody. BTW, No, you can’t “leave” if you want to, the barbed wire on the cages tend to stop anyone “leaving”.

      1. So you’re justifying purposely cruel mistreatment of human beings by our government, the richest country in the world. Nice. How do think Germany ended up with concentration camps with ovens? They systematically dehumanized and scapegoated a group of humans by calling them non-humans. That’s what you’re doing here. It is immoral and wrong no matter whether they are citizens or immigrants, they are humans. You’re answer to me makes no sense by the way. Hitler? Hitler would be proud of everyone commenting here. You’re certainly not Christians.

      1. Beat me to it. A mystery how he could plead not guilty on Friday after he turned himself in. What is he going to plea, insanity? (speaking of accident case). Or maybe they will try a defense of not in control of his actions as he was driving impaired.
        To Billy boy Blair—they had a choice, do it legally…they probably should sue those liberals who put them on this march from wherever for false advertising. They promised America with no strings attached. You however need to stop trying to justify Rodriguez. He had his day in court on being in country illegally, just did not show up in 2013 to his hearing and deportation.

    1. There is no moral case argument that can be made dictating that the citizens of this country are required to provide for the care of uninvited non-citizens, despite your creation of a straw man argument that we believe they are subhuman. That is not the case. Yelling “Racist” is the sign of a lazy mind with no valid argument. It is 2019’s equivalent of point and shriek.

      Now, I can voluntarily agree to charity for those who are illegal. The government may choose to do so, but there is no moral social contract that demands it be done. They are not owed charity, as they have already broken an implied social contract by arriving illegally. Refugees are another matter, but they are required to seek asylum in the first country bin which they arrive that is not a party to the conflict they are fleeing. By arriving here and not applying anywhere else along the way, they have broken the contract. Thus, they have no claim on the people of the US.

      If by your choice and free actions you bring disaster upon yourself, you cannot have a claim upon anyone else’s life, liberty, and property. You are owed nothing. You might be given charity, but that is the choice of the giver based on their moral or religious code. You have no claim to it. Nor, do you have the claim of forcing a third party to take property from someone in the name of forcing charity.

      As for the trial, indeed he is entitled, by the good graces of the people, to due process and assumption of innocence. However, I wish you were as concerned with citizen’s rights and safety as you are for his. The fact that you are not says volumes.

    2. Are you related to Jill? No one is saying these individuals are not Humans. No one is trying to dehumanize anyone. No one here wants to see families and especially children mistreated. However we are saying we are Americans and have certain expectations of who comes into our country and how they are coming into our country. I don’t see you providing any ideas on how this might be done given the current resources, which by the way Trump requested more of and none of the Dems showed up to grant the increase in resources. You don’t really care about these individuals. You care about your political comrades. Sadly you don’t care about your fellow country men either. Lastly how dare you judge who is and is not a Christian based on comments…that judgement is for God to make. You want to call me a selfish POS, but you have no idea where anyone stands with God.

  6. I also wonder how all of these SJWs would be acting if the vast majority of these people were carrying TRUMP signs? I wonder if their welcoming loving nature would do a quick 180? Actually, I don’t wonder AT ALL, it would.

  7. Mr Blair “these people are sub-human” how dare you characterize those that are just reporting the news as immoral. The conditions at the border have been created by people breaking the law America was not prepared to house and take care of the thousands of those crossing our border illegally. You won’t find any American that would not want conditions to improve especially for the children. If you feel so strongly about this load your car up with water and food and head to the border to help. As far as your comments about Rodriquez he has already been found guilty of breaking the laws of this country that is why their has been a 5 year order of detainment because he was in this country illegally. Guilty until proven innocent you are correct for all legal Americans. Corey Cottrell is dead maybe you should contact the family and remind them someone is responsible but don’t rush to judgment Rodriquez is just being held on a million dollar bond.

      1. I am a Libertarian, and am embarrassed by the ‘open borders’ segment of our group. True, in an absolutist libertarian interpretation we should be pro-open-borders, but that is akin to a Christian claiming that there should be no penalty for murder (talking in a general sense, nothing specific to recent local events) citing ‘turn the other cheek’ as an absolute policy.

      2. I just need to point out the libertarian in question is the head of the libertarian party in McLean County, who teaches journalism at a state funded institution of higher education where the socialist Sonny Garcia also works and sponsored this event. I may be hypocritical but I feel fairly confident the head of the McLean County Libertarian Party is a police hating, anarchist who is truly nothing more than a liberal socialist. Who does he think will support the large influx of ILLEGAL immigrants entering. McLean County. I may be wrong, but feel confident it will be the government -see Prairie State Legal Services, public education, and property taxes. Either he believes we all have freedom and the right to not be stolen from or he is a socialist.

  8. I wonder how this group of idiots at city hall would respond if a holocaust survivor gave them a free ticket to visit Auschwitz ? Being socialists they should readily take it because its free. As idiots they would spit in the person’s face. History does repeat itself and with the degradation and the idiocy of today’s society , I’m afraid the snowflakes are in for a rude awakening. As George Carlin once said “When you’re born into this world, you’re given a ticket to the freak show. If you’re born in America you get a front row seat.”

  9. The USA as a sovereign nation is like a big ship sinking. The addition of millions of illegal aliens are filling up the lifeboats so full that they are continuing the demise of this sovereignty much to the wishes of the globalist interests that want that to happen. If that happens the USA will become an extension of the shithole lawless country of which they escape. This is what the voting block will do as they are literally to ignorant to understand the ramifications of the privilege of that vote, as the democrats only welcome them to attain absolute power. Yeah it’s a new life, a better life. But not for long. So ignorant of the political ramifications of the truth that this is no more than invasion of which humanity will suffer greatly. What’s happening all across Europe is a window of what this country will become. So let the ICE raids begin. Can’t happen soon enough. Send the invaders back with an invoice for services rendered.

  10. I live in TEXAS. We deal with the problems every day. I want to make a couple of points here.
    1) A nation without an defined border and enforced legal immigration laws is NO LONGER A NATION.
    2) The citizens of the USA are NOT responsible for these people attempting to come here.
    3) it is morally wrong for our elderly people and our veterans to get less from the government from programs that they have paid into or the country that they have served than the people that crash our borders get from the same government.
    4) The conditions on the border were not created by the present executive in the White House. They were created by DECADES of neglect for the people enforcing the laws by our elected representatives in Washington DC and by the previous executives in the White House.
    5) These people that come in illegally are bringing diseases to this nation that we have not seen in decades. The number one reason for immigration laws is to preserve the health of the citizens of this nation. That has been the case for more than 150 years and it is still the most important thing that we do at the border.
    6) Come down to Texas, New Mexico or Arizona and drive to the border on a back road, or a road that parallels the border. Read the signs that warn AMERICAN CITIZENS about drug gangs, armed invaders, disease etc which makes the border area a portion of our country where our CITIZENS dare not go. Realize that just across the border there is NO LAW AND ORDER except that of the gun and the knife, and ask yourself if that is what you want for the USA.
    Last) Better yet, go to one of the “sanctuary cities” in California and see what they really are, and what the politicians from those states and cities would like to turn Bloomington-Normal or any other place in the USA in to.

    Then, talk to me and whine about how we need open borders and to provide for these people.

    1. Excellent, I have been around the border a few times, and know the stories, also have talked to Mexicans who tried before and failed or were deported, and you have told them correctly. Many people have NO idea what it’s like NONE at all, and they don’t realize either how awful it is to dupe many of the genuine people who pay thousands to come here illegally, then are extorted for even more when they could have used that money to get a passport, get tickets for a plane or bus, get a visa, then start the process of a work visa/green card/etc and instead spent most of the money the paid to a CRIMINAL coyote/drug dealer etc for money to start off a new life here – YES it CAN be done, it’s been done by millions – these people make uneducated and misinformed choices and are being preyed upon by the very people they think are helping them, not realizing even that it is THE TAX PAYING CITIZENS of the USA that are really “helping” them partly because they gave like 5,000 or more dollars to a criminal to bring them here illegally. It’s insane, it is really, really insane. The ones who “work so hard for these poor refugees”, well a few might just have bleeding heart misdirected kindness, but many of them also are serving “other masters” shall we say…People who “jump through the hoops” should be absolutely incensed at those who just walk across and want to be welcomed and taken care of – we can’t do it, NO country can do it really, and should not have to.

  11. Why in the Hell is Sonny Garcia having a Teach-in at Heartland Bank and Trust the end of the month to promote medicare for all?
    And why in the hell is Heartland Bank allowing it? Are they afraid of Sonny and comrades?

  12. Karl, open borders is a core principle of the Libertarian Party. And as such it is not part of a fringe segment of the party, it is a mainline value. Did you read the sign when decided you were so woke that you needed to latch on the non-mainstream party to show how non-political you are? You are posing and it makes Libertarians look bad when people adopt the party to “look cool” or pretentiously demonstrate their “independent” mind.

    1. I’m just curious. Since libertarians, like Karl, must believe in open boarders, what other countries does their party exist in? Or a better question, what other countries’ borders is Thefist talking about? Karl is probably the only libertarian I would vote for given a chance. Also “Thefist” if your so proud of your stance why not use your real name?

    2. No political party is 100% right or 100% wrong. Core principle or not, ‘open borders’ is a point where many Libertarians are wrong.
      I am ‘aware’, but I am far from ‘woke’ – I am very much anti-PC, pro-free-speech, and anti-special-rights-for-anyone. I have been a Libertarian for a quarter century, so it’s hardly something I’ve picked up to ‘virtue signal’, to ‘look cool’, or to be pretentious. You’ve obviously never met me, as that last is outright laughable.
      I used to be Republican, but came to the realization that while they are more right (as in right/wrong above) than the Democrats, the Libertarians are more right than the Republicans, and I’m a firm believer in doing what’s right over doing what’s popular.

      1. And this is why Karl isn’t favorite libertarian. Someone who wants what is right…correct…just. How refreshing!

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