Three things you didn’t know

By:  Diane Benjamin

The picture below is from the Facebook page of the downtown Bloomington business that holds Drag Queen story hour for kids.

drage story hour


Can anybody honestly say this is not an attempt to sexualize children?  Note the names of books they are reading to the kids.  There aren’t other life lessons as told in books the kids would learn something useful from?

Guess who supports drag queen readings at the Bloomington Public Library?

h/t a reader

mathy drag

Jamie:  Are there no limits to tolerance and acceptance?  Are you saying “Sit Down and Shut Up”?

Do you need examples from history where people were taught tolerance and it didn’t end well?

Mathy’s comment was in response to this story:

Jamie must have missed the part about this conference teaching how to sneak this past parents.

The paper is reporting the City is changing the name of the Pepsi Ice Center to Bloomington Ice Center.

The story contains this paragraph:


Pepsi didn’t renew the naming rights in 2016 – more than 3 years ago.  The City kept giving them free advertising anyway.  The Pantagraph can’t figure out why the name is finally being changed?

The real question is why did it take so long?  Why did it take even longer to end the pension spiking fleece?  Maybe a book needs written:  Government Incompetence

This message was posted on Facebook to the group who said nothing about Tari’s racists Clarence Thomas comment:


I guess this less than inclusive bigot doesn’t know Chick-fil-A was named THE BEST fast food chain in America by Business Insider:

Maybe Normal had them as a vendor because the food is good.

There is ALWAYS a line at the drive-through in Normal!

Maybe Mr. Robb just doesn’t approve of a business that operates by biblical principles.

Very inclusive!  Obviously only people who think the same way can be included in inclusive.  More proof Not In Our Town is a joke.








32 thoughts on “Three things you didn’t know

  1. The book “I am human” is about empathy and acceptance. It is NOT about “sexualizing children”. Neither is “It’s O.K. to be different” about “sexualizing” children. According to Children’s Literature: “Encourages readers to accept themselves and others.” There is no sex or sexual references in either book. It’s not about being gay or transgender, it’s about any child who may be different or feel different no matter what their situation in life.

    Your bigotry and intolerance aimed at a persecuted minority is the issue, not the libraries and groups teaching acceptance and tolerance. The only person here who is “sexualizing” children is you. Exactly how many times have you written about this subject? Too many times which are hysterically wrong and lay bear your rank bigotry and inability to empathize with anyone who might be different.

    “Do you need examples from history where people were taught tolerance and it didn’t end well?”

    No. I know examples of intolerance and bigotry that didn’t end well at all. That will be NAZI Germany who imprisoned gays and executed them as part of the Holocaust.


      1. Everyone associated with the Catholic Church did not and does not tolerate pedophilia of accused and convicted priests. In fact, it was parishioners at many churches that demanded accountability. The problem arose due to some in the church hierarchy trying to hide the problem. Not that any amount of this activity is tolerable, three to four percent of those that served as priests we’re involved. This also included those that admitted to having homosexual tendencies. No one should paint this issue with such a broad brush. Grassroot Catholics want justice for any of the victims. If you want to search hard enough, these incidents are not exclusive just to Catholic priests.


    1. So we need drag queens sexualizing children because “muh holocaust.” Anyways, I’m not sure who would let their children around these predators anyways or who would let their children go downtown alone in the first place. I’m sure these predators would love to get their hands on children, but this looks more like an attempt to get some media attention and ruffle feathers.

      – Q


      1. Everybody in the Catholic church did NOT tolerate pedophiles. That’s really offensive to every practicing Catholic and hundreds of thousands of priest who are men of God and serve their flocks without blame. What happened in the Catholic church has nothing to do with story times Drag Queens.

        Could you’re bigotry get any more obvious?. Cross dressers or drag queens are NOT pedophiles, it’s a performance art. They dresses like whore? Now who has her mind in the gutter? You. How do whores dress? I bet anything you’ve never actually seen a “whore” and wouldn’t be able to describe how they dress or don’t dress.

        How the heck do you “sexualize” children with the books presented? You don’t. Where is the evidence that any cross dresser is a “predator”, You have no evidence other than your prejudices. If you think that any child will magically become gay or become a cross dresser because they attended a story hour strains any logic or any known child psychology parameters. Children can and do draw lines of what is real and what is fantasy all the time. Fairy tales present all kinds of violent and fantasy situations. No one suggests that children are corrupted or warped or “sexualized” by fairy tales. And there is quite a bit of “sex” in fairy tales. There is more evidence of “sexualization” of children in TV and movies, not story times.

        The point of the story hours is acceptance and empathy of those who are different.


      2. You are the epitome of cringe, Q anon. You’re almost certainly a delusional baby boomer desperately trying to stay hip and relevant online. For everyone’s sake, stop browsing 4chan. You’re not wanted there.


  2. Send a couple of union iron workers or concrete guys to the session and see what happens. Will the queens demand that they leave or accept them and be tolerant of their feelings?

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  3. Your example of how teaching tolerance didn’t end well is the cover up of sex abuse by priests and clergy in the Catholic Church? I didn’t think you could scratch the bottom of the barrel raw, but you apparently can. The sex abuse scandal in the Catholic Church was a coverup. Not one priest came out on a Sunday and said, “You know, it is OK for a Church employee to abuse little boys and girls. We should be tolerant of that behavior.” Not one congregant EVER tolerated such vile behavior. To cite sex abuse in the Catholic Church as cover for your intolerance is wrong. You say “thanks for playing” when clearly even you know what you just posted is dumb.


  4. NIOT members are intolerant anti-christian bigots. According to 2017 tax returns Chic-fil-A donated money to the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, The Paul Young Youth Home and The Salvation Army. NIOT members are of touch with the mainstream residents of Bloomington-Normal.


  5. The two drag queens are standing in front of a business and not the public library so let’s calm down some.

    Also, here’s a novel concept, if you don’t like the idea of a drag queen reading to your child, don’t go to this bookstore for that one-hour timeframe.

    Just because they aren’t “straight, white and ‘normal’” in your eyes doesn’t mean it’s wrong or horrible for everyone. I would gladly take my child to an event like this. It’s fun, it’s expressive, it’s educational. Oh, let’s also add, it’s probably a form of volunteering for the community.

    So…if you don’t like it, agree with it, or accept it, just don’t go? No one is forcing you to do so…


  6. BN Transplant. You say if you dont like it don’t go. However, the children have no choice. This is child abuse. Why force kids to participate in an adult’s delusions and detachment from reality?
    Some children can become fearful that they are suddenly going to change sexes. Others will be very confused and know this is not natural even at a young age. While others may falsely grow up in the joined delusion that they are supposed to be a different sex.
    How about letting kids be kids and boys be boys and girls be girls? Why stress children out just so certain parents can feel good about themselves and certain adults can feel good about forcing their fake reality on others?

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  7. It is a striking comment about how greatly and how quickly our society has putrified that apparently a large number of people are praising this as positive and normal. Unthinkable even 20 years ago. Further proof, if any more was needed, that all measure of deviance will receive the Left’s support. It has become a sacrament to them. Mark my words, as time is coming, soon, when at least some of them will kill us over our opposition to such behaviors.


  8. I wonder sometimes as I eat delicious religious chicken at Chick-fil-a if the reason my experience there is so good is because intolerant liberals won’t go there. They are truly missing out but that does not bother me.
    Pointing out drag queens reading books to children is news and echoes stories I see in national news. Parents should be aware of this so they can decide if they want their children to go to these event.
    Liberals who claim tolerance and drive around with coexist bumper stickers on their cars are the first to protest and boycott anything that doesn’t fit their world view. As a conservative I do not need to destroy something just because I don’t agree with it. I can simply not give them my business.

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  9. You know, I was going to make a raging diatribe about sexualizing children, but the free spirits and liberals have their minds made up. Its easier to take the path of least resistance and allow these screwballs free access to children. Grooming children has been a long favorite of emotionally unstable perps. Let them see the full picture… then let them hang around with perps, its ok. Sexual offenses against children are less committed by strangers and more often by people the children know and trust. By saying these people are ok is opening the door for children to becoming friends of these, I hate to use this word, but they are perverts. The Left and APA can try to decriminalize pedophilia- but it still allows perversion.


  10. If anything, the Catholic Church was intolerant of people making accusations—no matter how true—against the officials of the Church. Tolerance requires being open and true to what you are. The Church moved priests around hoping the problem would go away. The only thing they tolerated was lying for the sake of keeping up appearances. If they tolerated it they would have came out and said the Church now digs pedophilia. In the meantime they were inquisiting seminarians who showed homosexual or pedophilic tendencies. None of this—and I stress—none of this is because the Church taught tolerance for abusing young kids. You don’t seem to get that your specious reasoning is failing to draw any connection to why tolerance is bad. You don’t like hearing Drag Queens tell a story, fine, don’t listen. But do not attempt to drag the Catholic Church into the mud with you.


  11. Tolerance???? Explain to me how force feeding a sexual preference is tolerance? Before discussing tolerance,lets first look at the news stories of our children being molested during Drag Queen story hour. Lets first talk about the fact that our children should not be sexual assaulted while trying to go to the bathroom in a public store,just because some guy cant pull his pants down without raping some child. You want tolerance for Drag Queens? I am not condemning drag queens. I am condemning what they are doing to our kids.


  12. Pedo priests in the Catholic Church has been going on for decades. This decadent behavior should have been shut down prosecuted years ago rather than ignored and swept under the rug. The Catholic Church should admit guilt and “ask forgiveness” for crying out loud. Your defence Brian K is pathetic.


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