City of Bloomington – Police Officer Squires stripped of police powers prior to resignation


City of Bloomington Mayor Tari Renner fabricated information during a phone interview in an attempt to deflect from the resignation of a police officer, Curtis Squires.  Renner’s interview was on WJBC radio on the 25th of September, following the City Council meeting where I urged him and the rest of the council to open an investigation and get to the bottom of why one of their officers departed from city employment.  You can view my public comment here:

Scroll to the bottom for the Scott Miller Playlist and click on the title “SCOTT MILLER SHOW: Mayor Renner on City Council Circus, Marijuana Task Force, and Police Officer resignation Sep 25, 2019, to hear the Mayor spew his misinformation.  Renner attempts to claim the officer’s departure is nothing more than a typical resignation and that our FOIA requests were denied because it was a personnel matter and claims that is the law. He could not be more wrong.

Maybe the Mayor should get all the facts behind our request before spewing misinformation that will put egg on his superhero ego.  Captain America

We do thank Renner for confirming there was, in fact, an investigation of this officer.  That fact alone confirms this was not just your everyday resignation.  The investigative records have been requested and since there was nothing of concern and there was only a resignation as Renner claims, then there should not be any issue obtaining that non-exempt public record.

While Renner wants to hide behind “personnel records” as a reason to keep the public in the dark, let’s shine some light on what we have learned.


Click here to see the Proof on the Edgar County Watchdogs website:







5 thoughts on “City of Bloomington – Police Officer Squires stripped of police powers prior to resignation

  1. Kind of like how unit 5 allowed a teacher with a allegation of inappropriate contact with a child be allowed to leave and not be reprimanded and go to the champaign area and get into legal trouble there for the same reason. Was he given a positive reference?

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    1. Unfortunately now days most organizations (employers) give limited information. That is, yes they worked here, job title and dates of employment. They are afraid of being sued for whatever reason by the person being asked about. The politically correct azzholes have hurt us in two ways. People who should not get employed due to past actions do get employed and repeat their sins. Second a good person who is new to workforce gets bumped out by so called experienced people that are Tari’s “right fit” even if they have a hidden bad record. People never know because the record is essentially sealed. All one has to do to see how this works is look at David Hales. Jobs he has held in past hid his employment history. Only Joliet was smart enough to send that piece of garbage packing in a timely manner.

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  2. Garibaldi, I continue to wonder the same thing. How could Superintendent Chapman, in good conscience, transfer that male teacher from Colleen Hoose to another school and potentially harm other students? As it turns out, that male teacher DID go on to harm students in that next school. Did the Superintendent receive any consequences, reprimand, punishment for this negligence??
    Similarly, what if this “police officer” who resigned from Bloomington goes on to a job in a new town and is found to repeat the same misconduct?


  3. Any word from the police review board? They are curiously silent. I have no idea what did or did not happen. Regardless, the City might be keeping things hush-hush because whatever allegedly happened could result in a big lawsuit for the City and/or reversal of convictions (if evidence or investigative paperwork were tampered with).

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