Bloomington Public Comment – terminal employee

By:  Diane Benjamin

When I was at the Bloomington City Council meeting last night I noticed numerous people wearing shirts with Boitnott Strong written on the back.  I asked one of them what it meant.

A representative of the group spoke after Kirk Allen at Public Comment.  A Public Works employee has just been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer.  Earl Boitnott has been a full time employee since 1998.  The speaker wanted to announce a fundraiser for the family.  15:35.  Note Jenn is smirking something to Tari in between Kirk and Ms. Nesler.

Surena Fish started Public comment at 4:15.  A total of 5 people spoke, 2 in favor of cannabis sales.  Surena was upset Jenn’s Ward held a meeting and Jenn didn’t bother to attend.

This is the flyer for the Boitnott fundraiser, the video is below:



4 thoughts on “Bloomington Public Comment – terminal employee

  1. Ms Carrillo posted today a pie chart that showed “all ” of the people voting to opt in on cannabis.
    Ms Carrillo has delusions of grandeur if she thinks that was a great number. Most all of her recent posts have 527 to 528 likes. According to the city website population in Bloomington stands at 77,962 as of 2018. 10 % of that would be 7796- 1% would be 779. She claims 429 people voted yes on opting in on cannabis on her web site. That is only about 1/2 of 1 % that even bothered to vote and funny thing is it is about the same amount of her followers. Hmmmm ? Don’t you find that a little funny ?

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