Jenn: failure to sell cannabis is racist

By:  Diane Benjamin

Alderman Jenn Carrillo was upset at questions asked by Council members last night of the Cannabis Task Force.  She thought they were disrespecting the diverse group.

She went on to explain that cannabis was only illegal because of racism against brown and black people.  She wants to tax money going to reparations and social justice projects to right past wrongs.

Jenn explains if Bloomington doesn’t allow marijuana sales they will be on the wrong side of history.  She claims it’s equity for many years of prosecuting the war on drugs in the black community.

I guess laws that people choose to break shouldn’t be prosecuted.  I wonder what other laws shouldn’t be prosecuted?

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The Council will continue discussions at next Monday’s meeting.

20 thoughts on “Jenn: failure to sell cannabis is racist

  1. Patience with Jenn for she is her own worst enemy. Council, the quick easy fix to the cannabis problem is just a few more NO SMOKING signs put up where needed.
    A smoke free campus or business, or restaurant/liquor dispensary, that means you can’t smoke cannabis there.
    Maybe NO SMOKING CANNABIS WITHIN 100 FEET should be posted at all liquor establishments.
    Ask any farmer, weed and grain together is a bad mix.

  2. Her comments are racist. Why does she assume white people don’t smoke dope, don’t sell it, aren’t arrested or incarcerated? Why does she assume that it is only something black or brown people do?

    1. Exactly my thought. That woman is horribly racist, and she has a seat on our Council!! Way to go, those who support her…

  3. Jenn makes some valid points about the origins of drug laws in the U.S. However, reparations and social justice can’t and won’t undo the past. Tax money will almost certainly be diverted to politically-connected people and programs that seem to try to further divide Americans. Most people were likely with Jenn on cannabis sales, even tolerating her antics, until she explained where the money ought to go. ‘Sorry folks, we can’t afford to fix the potholes because that money is earmarked for a program designed to fund safe spaces and programs that shakedown businesses and employers in our community.’

      1. This doesn’t sound too extreme. I don’t think anyone can disagree with the negative historical relationship between cannabis and the mischaracterization of minorities. There has also been a disproportionate number of minorities prosecuted more frequently and commonly given greater sentences than white people.

        To think of reparations as a way to help build communities by prioritizing licenses and tax funding doesn’t seem very crazy at all. Let’s be frank, Walmart doesn’t help our community, we should think about empowering more local entrepreneurs especially in this space.

        Thanks very much for the follow up content.

  4. Bloomington and Normal will both miss out on a ton of money and will look back wishing they would have acted sooner.

    1. Since sales are already prevalent on the black market, why would anyone buy it from government approved sources and pay taxes for the privilege? Only one license will be available for Dewitt and McLean Counties, there is no guarantee Bloomington will get one.

      1. This could turn into the next Metro Zone as Bloomington and Normal fight over who gets the license. Normal having the dispensary already may provide a leg up and then Dewitt County getting the other one.

        Based on the state legislature’s self-caused budget crisis, they will be offering up more licenses. Let’s call a spade a spade, just like increased video gaming/casinos/sports gaming, this is all a tax grab. It is no different in their eyes than increasing the vehicle registration fee $50 per vehicle, increasing the gas tax, or increasing the income tax. The bottom line is your lower income people and families will be hit the most.

        I’m not saying not to pass this, but it needs to be at the forefront why the state is pushing this. Everything else appears to have been a way for them to get votes to pass it.

      2. The cannabis law is being rolled out slowly. One license/police district now, 5 in a year, 10 after two years. Then, who knows…proliferation! It is sad that the government has to rely on liquor, gambling, and cannabis to subsidize the economy.

  5. We all know the biggest customers would be the college students. Local Gov wants more of their cash, but policing them will cost more than is made off them. So not worth it.

  6. I love it when she speaks it reminds me of all the dumb democrats at the national level that when they don’t get their way have to go to the card table. It is either a race card, rich people card, male dominated society card, anti gay card…….. Then to blame society woes on the war on drugs. Hey fool, just like the illegals who you feel are to be ignored by the police, you believe drug pushers to be ignored. Oh, also a lot of those in jail for drugs are there for more than selling weed. She is like Tari except when Tari opens his mouth it is a lie, when she opens her mouth it is to support something either illegal justified by very ignorant logic. I am surprised she is still alive as I can’t believe she has the brains to breathe without assistance.

  7. Carrillo utilizes 1960’s era leftist tactics to intimidate in order to get her way. That said, she should relax because Bloomington and Normal will both approve ordinances to allow sales. What Jenn is really worried about is that the “right” people must profit from this action meaning her in a way of a kickback and some of her close friends being seriously considered for a license even if they have no idea what they are doing. She is a representative for her employer, the radical Illinois People’s Action and not her ward. While our leaders worry about this nonsense, Bloomington-Normal continues to burn to the ground.

  8. Communist to the core…..Antifa operative…..boobs hanging out as she speaks….Flag of Deviance still proudly on display (in a manner that violates the Flag Code). Aren’t there enough decent people left in Bloomington to say “enough is enough’?

    But then again….the reelected Tari.


  9. There was a time when I believed Jenn Carrillo was bought and paid for by Tari Renner, but after watching this, I’d have to say that Tari Renner is bought and paid for by Jenn Carrillo.

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