What’s Bloomington paying Monday night?

By:  Diane Benjamin


I’m not sure all these PCard purchases were reflect in event expenses.  Walking With My Ancestors doesn’t show any catering or concessions:  https://blnnews.com/2019/10/22/bcpa-as-predicted-foia-denied/

Of course the $1500 for the announcement party wasn’t included.  Why does government send “flowers” and pretend they are sympathetic?  Using taxpayer money to express condolences is fraud.

bcpa pcardbcpa pcard2

Add this BCPA expense:

bcpa double tree

And this one:

bcpa wine

This didn’t make the event report:  https://blnnews.com/2019/10/22/bcpa-as-predicted-foia-denied/


Other artist fees:

art fee 1art fee 2art fee 3

The BCPA is mentioned 114 times in bills.  These are just some of them.

Why is Bloomington paying late fees to the Department of Revenue?  Didn’t have the money to pay on time?  Connect Transit received two months of payments now. (pg 16-17)

IDR late fee 2IDR late fee 3IDR late fee

It would take a FOIA to see what was charged:

sams club aug

Um. . . . .

catering comm rela

Headed to Springfield for legal work:

sf legal jurgens

City employees must still be throwing parties for themselves, I wonder how many a year?

employee parties

9 thoughts on “What’s Bloomington paying Monday night?

  1. Does the City of Bloomington purchase meals for the road workers (when that work actually gets done)? The sewer crew? The accountants? The stage crew is getting paid to work at the BCPA. Why are their meals different?

    At least they corrected a purchase and some tax money got refunded. Kudos for that being discovered.

    If the BCPA was making money on their events or at least breaking even, I can understand having some release parties or catered events for people who are snapping up tickets. They don’t, so why continue throwing money at it? We have plenty of space, especially at ISU and IWU where these performances can take place. There is also the Castle Theatre. All of these places have open dates. Let’s utilize spaces in the community before doing more.

    At lease the Coliseum has a chance to get an indoor football team back. Perhaps that will help generate some money to offset the huge operating losses they experience.

      1. Considering expenses like arena worker/security wages, utilities, and wear/tear on the building, they probably can’t make enough on concessions (beer), parking, and minimal single-game ticket prices to make it worth it. Do they even have many sponsors anymore considering the lack of people going through there besides the occasional conference or IHSA event?

  2. Curious? Why dont citizens file against use of tax dollars for meals, transportation, parties, and continuous wasteful spending? Employees do not normally get these perks. I would think every expense should be scrutinized.

      1. The taxpayers should be outraged by this wasteful spending of their money. It is one big party and the people paying for it are not invited.

  3. Should Kelly’s Bakery be given large contracts like that? We’re talking about Alderman Kathy’s former business here. How is that not a conflict of interest?

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