Going to the ISU Homecoming Parade?

Ask the elitists:

Who will be riding with Koos since Fritzen and McBride are gone. 

Will it be Chemberly Cummings?  Kathleen Lorenz?  Scott Preston?  Kevin McCarthy?

Does the road still look this bad or did Uptown get fixed?

koos carriage

12 thoughts on “Going to the ISU Homecoming Parade?

  1. Remember when Koos had another one of his Facebook “frustration rants” about horse poop in the St. Patrick’s Day parade that he wrongly accused Stan Nord for bringing to the parade? I think they ought to ride in either a Connect Transit bus or a Rivian electronic vehicle.

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  2. I don’t know if anyone saw the ads that Ford is running on Facebook? They appear to be making a big move into electric vehicles. Yes they are actually going to BUILD and market through their dealer network a entire line of electric vehicles! How they plan to compete with Rivian’s imaginary line-up is anyone’s guess? I am sure that Captain BS (pictured here) is not worried. Rivian can handle anything that Ford or Tesla throws at them. FYI – Tesla just announced that they will be building (they are actually going to make it) a large very nice pickup that costs $50,000. And yes everyone is excited about it and it’s price tag.

    See the recent article here:

    Tesla Pickup Truck To Be Priced Below $50,000, Makes Ram Seem Puny https://www.news24hlive.com/tesla-pickup-truck-to-be-priced-below-50000-makes-ram-seem-puny/?kaci=ivica&fbclid=IwAR3VU-jL_8U3ukmgG9XxLlnnQLINUwo6hQKi9DPZap5djBQopP8hr_tRdhI

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  3. A Tesla truck? Will multiple fire extinguishers be standard equipment or optional? I hear that if a raging fire breaks out that the body can later be used as a coffin to save on funeral expenses. It’s UGLY!

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  4. Koos SHOULD be in an electric car, as horses are SO NOT “uptown” He wants a well kept and beautiful BS utopia. Maybe he should riding a horse or DONKEY! Which would be a PERFECT match!
    Besides, Those animals are leading to global warming Mr Koos.. Or don’t you PRACTICE what you preach???


  5. Sorry but it is too easy so here goes my Friday evening chat.
    Koos….since he is the bicycle God should be riding a bicycle, he can rent the royal fartress (not a typo) a 3 wheel bike to evenly distribute the weight of all that BS….
    But instead maybe they ride a sanitation department vehicle….which would be very appropriate
    Since it is close to Halloween they could dress as Mr. and Mrs. Hankey (Southpark people will get this) but guess what? To achieve this they both could come as they are.
    If they must ride in a $700 carriage, I propose spending an extra $100 and giving the horses some industrial strength laxative in their food 3 hours prior so they properly lay a special carpet suited to Koos and the farrtress….
    Finally one should take a picture of the whole mess and use it as a reason for the federal government get involved in animal cruelty regulation….


  6. shouldn’t the council be riding bikes from Vitesse ? then again,with the condition of the streets it would be damn near impossible to do that.


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