Parents: Ask your school age kids a question for me

No hints on grade level, school district, or what channel:

Are your kids forced to watch cable news during study hall instead of doing homework?

I received one report of cable news on during homeroom.  I need to know what school and grade!

Answer in comments or email me:  [email protected]






12 thoughts on “Parents: Ask your school age kids a question for me

  1. My kids (unit 5) don’t have study hall or tutorial due to music class. They watched CNN 10 a lot in grade school. Every other day 7th grade social studies and every Wednesday 8th grade social studies. Fortunately my kids are educated enough to keep any political views from most teachers. They will also tell me about content and ask questions on topics that are being contradicted from their teachings and what they have read.

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  2. The TV should not be used to teach in a school when it comes to social studies. Only educational programming specifically geared for LEARNING should be allowed. My tax money is not paid to provide teachers another excuse to not do their job and TEACH and for that matter there is no real reason why we should be paying for schools to have cable or satellite programming. Any teacher who does this should be fired immediately and BTW I do not give a damn if it is CNN, Fox News or MSNBC. No suprise when one goes to a fast food joint it is a rare event when you get an order that is correct or to get the correct change quickly..


  3. In Unit 5 grade schools some classes watch CNN10 sometimes. I trust the faculty my child has had up to this point even though we may not always agree. The teacher said that CNN10 is largely apolitical, and based on what I hear from our child, that’s probably not too far off. I will say, though that when this impeachment garbage started, my child came home and said, “Did you know Donald Trump committed a crime?” We talked about how it was on CNN10 We had a discussion about that. What’s scarier is to see some of the outright communist propaganda (literally pictures of Stalin and Marx, et. al) in some of the high school classrooms at NCHS. I get that sometimes you decorate for themes in units, but I have never seen these rooms with decorations featuring Alex De Tocqueville, John Locke, or founding fathers portrayed in the same way.

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    1. I concur on CNN10 – I was very concerned when I heard about it, given the reputation of CNN as a whole. My son pulled up a couple examples and I was pleasantly surprised they were pretty much just straight news.


    2. Thank you for confirming what I also saw. “What’s scarier is to see some of the outright communist propaganda (literally pictures of Stalin and Marx, et. al) in some of the high school classrooms at NCHS. ”
      I also saw pictures of Che Guevara and Mao, in addition to other things. It’s disgraceful.


  4. My daughter’s study hall at NCHS is required to maintain silence – no CNN. Her homeroom is run by a math teacher, so the teacher helps students with math questions during homeroom. There are many reasons to be irritated with Unit 5, but in my limited experience, this is not one of them.

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  5. As for “LOCALS” comment I agree with that. When I had study hall, it’s EXACTLY for that purpose-STUDY, instead of homework, you could do it there OR read your favorite book/magazine, etc, but it was quiet. Just like a library is SUPPOSED to be!


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