NOrmal – time to say NO!

By:  Diane Benjamin

At the October 17, 2016 meeting, this was approved for payment:

no1oldMonday night this payment is scheduled to be approved:

no1Did tax dollars really pay $700 for a carriage in ISU’s parade, or was this guy paid twice?  Is this how taxpayers want their hard-earned money spent?

Some other items that deserve investigation:

no6 no5 no4 no3 no2

See more spending at the link above.

This item will be discussed:

Normal’s 2040 vision:  CONTROL the population!

Starts on PDF page 73:

Mayor picked the committee – people who think like him (just like his Council)


Government decides what is sustainable – no individual freedom to decide what is sustainable for you. Think Connect transit budgeting $12,000,000 losses.
Seriously Mark? Bloomington/Normal has been playing this tune for decades. Normal got Uptown, Bloomington got the Coliseum. Both do nothing to provide the one thing residents need: Good paying jobs.
We used to be Americans first, the great melting pot where people flocked to be free.  New Mantra:  change your life to accommodate other people.
multiHow’s Europe doing with multiculturalism?


Economics lesson:

Spain Has No Government For 10 Months – Economy Grows, Unemployment Falls To 18.9%

Quote from the article:

But the absence of the necessary parliamentary majority has meant that no one has been able to do anything. There have been no bright plans to make things better, no more interventions into the economy. That economy has been allowed, left to, tootle along under its own steam and has done rather well as it does so.

Both Bloomington and Normal believe they have to create “bright plans” and intervene in the economy, the local economy decline will continue until citizens change their government.


7 thoughts on “NOrmal – time to say NO!

  1. I am laughing at the Normal 2040 Vision section! This entire document is predicated on the assumption that ISU will always be the cash cow that it is today. This is unbelievably shortsighted, uninformed and basically clueless to the coming Age of Exponential Technological change. Normal continues to build on their vulnerability to disruption and catastrophic economic decline by living in a dream world. A tsunami on technological change is visible on the horizon and Normal’s leadership doesn’t even recognize that it exists.

      1. Electric cars are fine but if your economic driver is significantly reduced or gone it makes no difference. It is like talking about how we need free electric power for cars in Detroit or Decatur. They need jobs. Normal will need jobs too. All of this dreaming is predicated on things staying the same. Things are not going to stay the same. The bursting education bubble combined with the growing obsolescence of brick and mortar education is going to devastate Normal economically. It is a one industry town and that industry in on the edge of massive disruption and decline. I am amazed that people don’t see this.

  2. This is what we get when our town officials approve spending thousands of dollars to send these guys to conferences to hang out with organizations that teach our officials how to run a city. They buy into it hook line and sinker and them come home and start to implement it. No, the 25 hand picked people do not represent my views of what I want as a resident in the town of Normal. To top it off we spend $700 to haul this Council behind a horse’s ass in the ISU Homecoming parade. How appropriate. God forbid they would walk the parade route. Sustainable transportation!

    1. So we have clueless leadership being advised and trained by clueless organizers of conferences who make money selling ideas that have no chance of working in the coming world? Great…. The blind paying the blind to lead them over a cliff!

  3. The whole plan directly descended from Agenda 21 protocol is a transfer of wealth (from us to them) as they continue to destroy the foundation of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness via control.

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