Election Day

By:  Diane Benjamin

Tomorrow will be a disastrous day for our country.  Close to 50% of the population will despise whoever is elected.

The results are immaterial.

We are powerless to do anything about it.

Quit stressing about things you have no control over!

The D.C. and Springfield clowns all came from local government.

You can reform your local government!

Good people rarely run for local office and very few citizens bother to vote in local elections.  Local government has an easy time controlling the compliant sheep who have forgotten government’s job.

Do you want to run your own life or have government tell you what you are going to pay for? 

(tax breaks for friends of government, a downtown hotel in Bloomington that will put others out of business, entertainment at your expense whether you participate or not, bike lanes on busy roads, government controlled development, higher taxes, . . .)

The first step is getting people who know local government is destroying the local economy – just like Springfield did to Illinois – to run for office.  The good people are usually too busy running their own businesses to run themselves.  Sacrificing for a better future must be too much to ask.  So far a few have come forward, more are needed.

Next, VOTE.

Your vote tomorrow for president is close to meaningless.  Clinton and Trump must know Hillary wins Illinois, nobody even campaigns here.

Your vote in April can throw progressives out of office in both Bloomington and Normal.  Electing Mayors who know what government’s role should be will stop theft by taxes and government-funded development at your expense.

Both cities will have these mayors on the ballot.  The rest is up to citizens.  It takes hard work to inform the citizens and get them to the polls.

Quit stressing about tomorrow, start working for real reform the day after tomorrow.




4 thoughts on “Election Day

  1. In regards to the vote tomorrow there is a clear choice for Donald Trump a very successful business man that has put forth some very good policies for America. Much of what he has said in his campaign speeches addresses the immigration (invasion) issues, economic development by ditching bad trade deals and putting Americans back to work. Taking care of our vets. He has been endorsed by the NRA for protecting the 2nd Amendment. Lower taxes. Plus much more. Is he perfect? No. Do I agree with all of his policies? No. But he’s a better choice than Mitt Romney 4 years ago.

    However the reality of Hillary Clinton becoming POTUS includes the poplular main stream media quest to demonize Trump as a bad choice of which unfortunately many people have been suckered in to boost the probablity of (like what happens in B-N and everywhere) for voters to give up and stay home due to a sense of misguided principles.

    So who will you choose folks to be the next President and appoint the next three Supreme Court Justices? HRC the known queen of dirty politics or Donald Trump of which has never been a politician at all? Donald Trump the man that the establishment hates because he can’t be bought. Who will it be?

  2. I will not vote for any top running candidate in this POTUS election. I will be writing in another persons name. No matter what elected politicians say about not endorsing a certain candidate, by voting for him is the same as an endorsement. I just can not vote for a person of his caliber.

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