David Hales thinks you are stupid

By:  Diane Benjamin

Hales has posted his September City Managers report. http://www.cityblm.org/Modules/ShowDocument.aspx?documentid=11567

This is on page 2:

hales1Open the page and try the link!

Where does it take you?

NO monthly financial reports, just old data from 4/30/16.

Celebrate now:  The City of Bloomington is hiding tax receipt information!

Remember how they used to print a chart?  Here’s a sample:  https://blnnews.com/2016/03/21/jan-city-managers-report-taxes/

If tax receipts were great and business in Bloomington was booming, they wouldn’t be hiding the information.

This is more proof that Renner and his potted plants need to go.  Hales will be gone soon, he’s just trying to hang on for a pension.




  1. If the city council had any competence or courage, they would make a statement and terminate David Hales immediately, based on his complete bungling of the VenuWorks hire and overall handling of the Coliseum. Tari Renner deserves to be recalled, but will lose re-election, so that will take care of itself . Still no new naming rights 8 months later, and evidently the Coliseum is dead in the water as far as events and concerts, it is noted at the bottom of its report page that they are trying to develop relationships with promoters willing to bring in events. So, evidently, all relationships with promoters during the CIAM era, which did result in several sold out shows, have been severed. It’s almost like the Coliseum is now blackballed from the industry. The losses happening now are going to be shocking and overshadow everything else.


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